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PeaceTV: April 4, 2015

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True Mother: “… Taking into consideration the contents of today’s Hoon Dok Hwe, what is happening in reality today, and the selfish calculations of superpowers surrounding Korea, it would be difficult for Korea to survive even in a state of balanced power. That is because if it tends to one side, things can become more complicated.

We have also set goals to achieve by 2020. This nation, the ancestral homeland of True Parents and God’s homeland, is still divided into two. Is there an alternative path to unification? This providence has unfolded with much difficulty over 6,000 years and a new era centered on Foundation Day has opened. Can we let Father’s words, “I have completed everything,” come to nothing? There is only one method, one way. It is True Parents. True Parents!

I am saying that those who are in South Korea should quickly fulfill their tribal messiah responsibilities. When you restore a person to God’s side, then that person will also restore a similar, healthy person to God’s side. This is witnessing.

The re-unification of the two Koreas must be made possible by 2020. This nation must first safely stand upright, as it will become a firm foundation for the substantial Cheon Il Guk. If Korea can stand firm within this world, we can show the world. All nations are like sons and daughters in front of True Parents. They are sibling nations.

Can you change? You simply must change. Only by changing can Korea survive. In doing so, you too can survive, and your descendants can grow well with a heart of gratitude toward the parents…” April 1, 2015 at Cheon jeong Gung


True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Hoondokhae on the First of the Month
  2. Memorial Service for True Children in the Spirit World
  3. Presentation of Scholarships by the Seonhak Scholarship Foundation


Global News

  1. Workshop for Returning Japanese Cheon Il Guk Missionaries
  2. USA: Cham Bumo Gyeong Translators and Editors Conference
  3. WFWPI Participates in UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
  4. Latin American Leaders Convention in Brazil / Uruguay: Commemoration of UN International Women’s Month
  5. Vanuatu: Bringing relief to areas affected by the cyclone
  6. New Zealand: Tongil Moodo Exhibition at Maori Festival
  7. Portugal: Easter Children’s Workshop

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