True Mother’s Life and Works

Documentary on True Mother’s birth and life as a wife, a mother and an International Leader, a Mother of Forgiveness, Love and Unity!

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Mrs. Moon Was Born at Anju in Pyong-Yang Province on January 6, 1943 by the Lunar Calendar. When She Was About To Be Born, Mrs. Hong Realized Her Daughter’s Fate And The Works of God At That Time. After Mrs. Han Gave Birth, She Had A Mysterious Dream. Toward the end of Japan’s war in the Pacific Ocean, Japanese armies plundered any scrap metals and food they could find in Korea in order to supply their rations and produce weapons; but, (in the dream) all of a sudden everything that was stolen from the Korean people flew across the ‘Heon Hae Tan’ into her house filling the rooms. Then Mrs. Hong woke up suddenly. Today, Japanese members provide much support for the True Parents work. Looking back on it now, it seems as if the dream were telling her about the mission of True Mother, Who Is The Representative of All Women, and (telling Her about) Japan that is the representative of all ‘Eve’ nations.

On the Very Day The Baby Was Born, Mrs. Hong dreamt about the hideous Satan saying ‘I must get rid of the Baby now for She is a danger to me, lest I shall perish. (Mrs. Hong said in the dream,) ‘Be gone Satan. Who are you to kill my daughter that I have been longing for so long?’ The Grandmother comforted Mrs. Hong, Who woke up sweating saying, ‘It must be because you are weak from the labor.’ Mrs. Hong said ‘Why does he want Her dead, Mother?’ (Mrs. Moon’s Grandmother said to Her Mother,) ‘There is a legend of ‘Jo han ju mu rok’ which says that Heaven will send Its Daughter to our Family. If Satan tried to harm her in your dream, then The One the legend has foretold must be Her.’ Mrs. Hong said, ‘If Satan has his eye on Her, we must raise Her with great sincerity Mother.’ Her Mother said, ‘Yes, raise Her with great care.’…

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