Transforming Lives Through Outreach

FFWPU USA: Whether it involves education, discussion or simply reaching out to a friend, outreach is an intimate way to bring God into other people’s lives, and Unificationists around the nation have been experiencing its many forms. In Baltimore, Unificationists have discovered more about themselves through sharing with others, and the community in Kissimmee, Florida had the opportunity to explore deep questions with their guests. Read the latest local outreach stories below.


Baltimore Unificationists Team Up For Outreach

Rain or shine, the power of outreach has swept across the Baltimore community. Unificationists from around the district recently hit the streets in small groups, encouraging one another to approach strangers to share about True Parents.

“I forgot what it was like to battle my fear” said one participant, James. “I forgot what it was like to face rejection and what it was like to face myself.” He spoke of the courage often needed to talk to people about faith, and how it can be difficult to go beyond our comfort zone. But working as a group helped him push past any hesitation. “I looked and saw brothers and sisters reaching out and talking to people, and in that moment, I could find some kind of faith and start to reach out.”

Over the course of a few days, local Unificationists set out to talk to as many people as possible. Many people were receptive to hearing about the Unification Movement, and some wanted to learn more. “Yesterday, five people came to our outreach cafe to hear an introduction to our movement and Divine Principle” said James. “Today brothers and sisters brought a total of 17 people to hear an introduction and for our evening program.”

Inspired and dedicated to transforming lives, James said he could “see the face of God and feel the heart of True parents” among the group gathered, which also included his wife, Tilly. They plan to continue with group outreach and have arranged follow-up activities, including workshops. “Three people have signed up for our one-day workshop on Saturday” said James. He hopes other church communities will be inspired by their example and do the same. Read More

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