The Importance of Recovering Relationship

FFWPU USA: On Tuesday, April 14, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional President of FFWPU North America, shared a message with 60 district pastors and local representatives of FFWPU USA at a leaders’ conference in Las Vegas. He spoke about the power of relationship in affecting change:


Good morning once again. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your inspiration with one another. I am very impressed about how much True Mother has been thinking of America. She has been thinking a lot of New York, Las Vegas and all other 50 states. She even remembers the name of each family she met—“How is this family doing in New York? In San Francisco?” Even Los Angeles. My heart is so touched. True Mother is currently preparing to visit the European nations for a speaking tour, and always, day or night, she is concerned for certain families and how they are doing.

True Mother always remembers family members who answered True Parents’ call and worked together with them for 30 or even 40 years. True Mother really remembers each one of them, who helped share about the True Parents, who we believe are the Second Coming of the Messiah.

What I want to share this morning is a message about relationship and communication. Just a few days ago, New York Post did an article on a woman who had 10 husbands at the same time without a single divorce. In our society today, relationship is very critical, as is communication. These days, you hear so many things here and there. Do the things you hear every day inspire you and give you power, or make you lose power? What is the situation? What is our situation when people share things that bring inspiration and power to move forward, versus things that make us depressed? What kind of brothers and sisters do we have?

Forty years ago, when we joined this movement with True Parents, we felt a kind of power when we heard True Father’s message or True Mother’s testimony. Even though there were many controversial reactions and external attacks by established church foundations, we inspired and felt a spiritual power. We had this power for 40 years, even when True Father went to Danbury. We had the power to move on because we believed True Parents are the Second Coming of the Messiah. This is the reason we gather together today.

I really want to see one another face-to-face. These days we have smartphones and Skype, and all kinds of advanced technology to talk to one another. We can see one another; however, face-to-face is so precious. We’ve all been struggling and hearing the same things, so I really want to come together and share together. Instead of new presentations here and there, this leadership conference brings people together who are inspired and really carrying True Parents’ spirit, bringing outcomes and not just numbers. We can hear testimonies of honesty and of True Parents, our role models, and all the things we have been seeking for last few years.

It’s very simple. Yes many things are very disappointing, but I’m always sharing about going back to the Divine Principle. This is the only way we can overcome. We have answers for those who suffer, those who are wondering, those who are misunderstanding the Divine Principle and the teachings of True Parents. How can we have power, God’s power that the Divine Principle mentions, the power to move on?

What does the Divine Principle say? How can we produce power? Yes, give and take. Giving and receiving, sharing. Without that kind of action, no kind of power can be produced. Maintaining this will bring us the power to advance.

I really hope you enjoy sharing together centering on True Parents and True Parents’ teachings. We have one spirit and one goal. We know what to do, but we don’t have the power to move our leaders and our ideas without commitment, the support of our self-power, and give and take relationship, centering on God and True Parents. We need that kind of power to move forward and overcome all kinds of suffering, all kinds of misunderstanding. The answer is clear from the Divine Principle: we can be one in spirit.

Today we will be discussing together. Let us have this kind of leaders meeting every quarter to share about our situation and build this give and take relationship. This is the best teaching of True Parents from the first to the last page of the Divine Principle: relative relationship.

We just celebrated Easter Sunday. What was the first thing Jesus said to True Father? What did he want to tell True Father? Jesus mentioned, “I am the way”; True Father said, “I came to inherit the mission of Jesus, to recover the relationship between God and human beings as a parent and child relationship. This is the first message he received from Jesus Christ 80 years ago: recover relationship.

Think about the role of the Messiah. What is a tribal messiah’s mission? This is True Father’s last mission to us: be a heavenly tribal messiah (grow our ministry among our friends and relatives). We inherit the mission of the Messiah. What that means is that we have the mission to recover relationship—between God and myself, God and my family. This is our main mission. God has His own responsibility. We have our own responsibility.

We need to learn how to communicate among family members. We also need to learn how to love family members. Relationship determines ownership. Do we have ownership of this church? Relationship, once we engage in it, determines inheritance, so without relationships we cannot live together, act together or work together. Restoring and recovering relationship is one of True Father’s greatest teachings, and today True Mother really carries on this recovery of relationship. We cannot live together, even if we are externally wife or husband, without a relationship of true love. We cannot be owners, have inheritance, share or participate in each other’s work. This is True Father’s message from the Cheon Seong Gyeong: restore and recover relationship.

Let us share, let us live with relationships centering on True Parents, and whatever we have here, we have the answer. We really need to think about True Parents’ way, care about the people around us and care about church ownership. Once again, thank you so much for coming and thank you for your feedback. Your input can change and better our church activities and other organizational activities. Thank you and God bless you.


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