The Holy Blessing 2015


FFWPU Europe, By Susan Crosthwaite, March 3, 2015: I’m sure everyone would like to join me in congratulating our 1st generation couples who received the Blessing in Korea last week on the 3rd of March. Here they are pictured with Dr. David Hanna and me right after the beautiful Holy Wine Ceremony.

From left to right you can see Giorgio FIOROTTO and Claudine DECAMP Italian from USA and France, Gary RACCUJA and Haesul FAGCANG from Hungary and UK, Kristof TANGH and Marilene VILLAMOR from Belgium and Philippines, Silviu VLADUCA and Laura HARABAGIU from Romania, Luke WEILLER-HILL and Liel SHMUELI from UK and Israel, Beqir KACULI and Sidorela HOXHA from Albania, Nertil HOXHA and Jennifer GONZALVO from Albania and the Philippines, Ermal ELBASANI from Albania and Mirjeta BERISHA (insert – present in Kosovo), and Jun CHAN with Eva KONDILLI from the UK and Albania. Jesus LOZANO and Margarida FRAZAO from Peru and Portugal received the Blessing in Peru (insert) Lars BUSE and Maria FERRIER de MORAES from Germany and Brazil received the Blessing in Germany (no picture available).

There were so many expressions of gratitude and joy everywhere one looked. We participated with the International group of 1st and 2nd generation couples from USA, ASIA, and the Northeast Region – more than 120 couples. I felt that the couples and their families who were present were experiencing the great relief after patient and hard-working preparation over many years. Surely Heavenly Parent is smiling too and looking forward to supporting them as they unfold their lives in service to each other and the wider society. An estimated 800 couples participated in the main Ceremony in Korea, and several thousand connecting by video-link around the world.

A defining feature of this years’ Blessing for me was the presence of a TV crew from Belgium accompanied by the National Leader, Philippe Jacques. Philippe has been working with them to help create a program for Belgian TV which will come out in 2016. We tried our best to be trusting, open-hearted and generous toward them, and I hope that the finished product will give honour to all the efforts of God, True Parents and many people who prepared the environment for this years’ Blessing. So many people worked together to made this years’ Ceremony and the surrounding education, Holy Wine Ceremony and Chastening Ceremony a truly sacred and unforgettable experience.

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