Romania: Advanced 2 Days Divine Principle Seminar


FFWPU Romania, April 18 – 19, 2015: Anyeong haseyo! Greetings from Romania! We are deeply grateful to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents to have been able to organize, during the weekend, the first Advanced 2 Days Divine Principle Workshop of this year 2015 (on the 18th-19th of April).  The guests that attended this special edition of the workshop are our CARP members so the style of the workshop aimed for creating a better family environment, pioneering the way for understanding the Divine Principle through open discussions and a first experience of debating on the different ideas brought by the new truth as the participants tried to explain them in their own words: God’s Shimjung, Give and Take action centered on True Love, the Purpose of Human life, the Human fall and the process of Restoration, the importance and mission of Messiah and His Second Coming. The workshop was also the proper opportunity to introduce our summer activities (SES Europe Leadership Tour) & SES program (ShimJung education system for 1 year).

What we could observe was that the attitude of the participants changed as they realized the difference between just listening and digesting the content and having to explain it to another person. This helped them ask more questions and searching for real life examples, feeling more responsibility and gaining a sense of ownership for the message. Many of them shared that any idea needs to be supported by passion and sincere involvement, that helping the others is the best formula for discovering ourselves, growing our hearts, preparing for the future and helping society. Here are some of their reflection (opinions):

Gabriela T.: “This 2 days Advanced Workshop was very interesting, because I got to know more about the Divine Principle, the New Truth and how to find my True Self. I realized that by having a loving heart and trying to do good things, you are on the right way.(…) I really liked the idea of teaching and learning and I found out that brilliant ideas come from people that surround me. Most of them have become true inspiration for me. Thank you everybody for everything you offered these days.”

Amira B.: “I noticed that we all have different ideas, opinions but we try to focus on what should be more important…on God…on God’s love…on ShimJung. I never imagined before how much God is loving us, how big is His heart besides all the bad things that are happening. I learnt that if I am happy, God is happy too, He is living through my mind and body. We have to trust more in ourselves, to have unity between mind and body. I know that God has big expectations from us, we have to try to pay the indemnity, but what will happen if we cannot complete that? What will happen if we’ll be tempted and, for the moment, we will not realize it?”

Gabriela C.: “In this workshop I really appreciated the interaction between CARP members when we gave the lecture. I was able to see and understand other’s point of view and therefore know people at a deeper level. What I liked was also the “definition” of the Divine Principle, which states that it’s not the doctrine of religion but Heaven’s Word that all men must know and live by. From the lectures, my favorite one was the coming of the Second Advent. I felt this strong responsibility and love for God’s work and also a lot of hope for humanity. It is a precious moment to realize that God is still present and continuously working through us and for us, no matter how much we let Him down. Realizing that He has this unconditional and unchanging love for us brings me immense joy.”

Dong-Soon C. (STF member): “Coming from England, where there is no such active CARP like this, it is quite inspiring to see the CARP members and their enthusiasm. How were my parents? How was CARP for them? I feel that this style of workshop helped to deepen and solidify our understanding (refine knowledge) and to see the value of the Bible. Also I could understand how important it is to just get to know people, know their perspective, understand what they believe – a lot about an individual is presented through the individual explaining/lecturing.”

George L.: “I really needed inspiration and refreshing my memory. Sincerely, these days I felt special, because I had the chance to openly say what I feel about the principle and my own interpretation, generally, my understanding of things. Restoration is one of my favorite lesson, in day to day life I think I am in a mixture of thoughts and ideas about what I should do to create a new path for myself that can also satisfy the others (Family, friends, God). Lately I have been very interested about spirituality (spirits, chakra, energies etc.); faith is actually the most important. I am still confused about the actions that I am the object of. I will try to be more present and hopefully I can calm down my thoughts.”

Razvan R.: “At the end of these 2 days I can say that I passed through a useful experience for my personal development. I heard new things and I started to ask myself more questions which I will try to solve. The most I liked the atmosphere of friendship and understanding that was created between us. Overall, I believe that these principles can be of great help in our search for the purpose of life, this of course if they are put in practice.”

Oana C.: “What I want is for each of us to be more open-minded, more loving and teaching the others about God’s love. I think each of us has the power to pass on God’s Word throught goodness, faith and helping each other. In this way we don’t have to wait for Jesus as God’s Son to come and save us but we have to help one another as we are also children for God.”

Ionela: “During this 2 days advanced workshop we studied the Divine Principle. From the beginning, the fact that God created man with a purpose, giving them the chance to mature and fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the creation. Man needs to understand God in order to understand love, because God has a true heart, a true love and also He is our source of energy; an energy that we can spread around us through give and take action.”

We hope that this workshop was a good support for how our CARP members can feel that they are part of this family, feel that they are being accepted just the way they are, that they are listened to and that through the Divine Principle they can find their way in life. Surely this workshop is just like a door waiting to be opened, that can ease the way towards a new perspective, but also it is each of our decision to step through this door or close it back after taking a short look inside. We are thankful for all our younger brothers and sisters that courageously attended and hope to next engage them in activities that can bring the Divine Principle in the middle of their everyday lives, of their thinking and hearts.

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