Outreach: Authentic and Genuine Connection


FFWPU USA: Last week, the outreach teams in Northern Virginia and Los Angeles learned valuable lessons about the nature of outreach and the miracles that are possible when we genuinely seek to connect. Read these inspiring outreach updates below.


Northern Virginia

Day Two of the 21-day outreach initiative in Northern Virginia brought out brothers and sisters from the Northern Virginia community as well as Rev. Zagery Oliver, Pastor of the Washington Family Church, and David Phelps of Maryland.

Rev. Oliver led a prayer to begin the afternoon. Members of the outreach team passed out surveys, flyers and invitations to their sushi class invitation and Saturday Divine Principle presentations. They met 15 people at the Northern Virginia Community College Alexandria campus who were interested to hear more.

During this time, one team member had a prior guest call her with an amazing request. The guest is president of the association for her countrymen living in the United States. She asked the outreach team member if she would become the vice president of the association, even though she is not from that country and has never visited there. Her guest thinks so highly of her and of Unificationists that she trusts her to this extend. Of course this invitation came on the foundation of many visits, and it is an example of how contacts can become a close part of our tribe.

The next day, Friday, April 3, 2015, the outreach team brought 10 guests in Northern Virginia, and two in Maryland. Even though the community college had a thin population on this holiday Friday, some wonderful people were met.

In addition to invitations, several people expressed interest in knowing more about Unificationist communities and wanted to hear introductory lectures. They scheduled follow-up appointments to receive one-on-one presentations and deeper study with PowerPoint lectures and books. Read More

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