Oceania Leadership Team in Vanuatu

FFWPU Vanuatu: Centering on our beloved True Parents’ support to Vanuatu, members are doing their best to help the nation to recover from the damage left behind by Cyclone Pam typhoon, during our 40-day Jeongsoeng and service condition.

We have received wood cutting machines and cement from Australia which we have sent to the most damaged island, the Tana Island. These will be used to clean the streets and roads from the fallen trees and build new houses.

8 members of the Oceania Leadership Team arrived in Vanuatu to help our projects. They are helping us to clean the Independent Park from the fallen trees and the garbage everywhere. They are also helping to cleaning schools and giving character education to students. They also joined other members here for daily preparing and handing out the sandwiches. They will be with us for 21 days.

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