Nepal: Marriage Blessing and Parents’ Day


FFWPU Nepal: Nuwakot is the old capital of Nepal and is about a three hour drive from Kathmandu. Zen and Nila Shrestha and their relatives organized the blessing event where 635 couples attended. Most of the couples walked for an hour to attend the blessing.

It was officiated by Richell and Apsara Jalipa — a Filipino-Nepali couple. The educators were: Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, CIG Special Envoy to Nepal; Rev. Santosh Paudel, National Leader of Nepal; and Prakash Thapa, CARP President and Tribal Messiah Coordinator.

Several other Blessing Ceremonies are being planned for the coming month. After that the monsoon rains come and it will be difficult for people to gather together. 635 couples attended the Blessing Ceremony and three Ambassador for Peace awards were presented.



Parents’ Day in Nepal Schools

Schools who participated in the Family Festival at the National Stadium on Feb. 21 where 70,000 people attended are welcoming us back in their school. This is based on the respect for our True Parents and good foundation of UPF and FFWPU in Nepal.  In fact, schools are actually demanding we come back and continue with True Parents’ education. Dr. Kittle was invited as a “Special Guest” and in this capacity he handed out the awards to the students and also spoke to the parents and students to thank them for supporting the Family Festival.

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