Lithuania: Revival Spirit and Determination for Victory in 2015


FFWPU Lithuania: The month of March was a very busy and intensive activity period full of revival spirit and determination for victory in 2015! After 4 Lithuanian members (including Lithuanian Church leaders’ couple) came from Moldova, where we formed a bond of brotherly cooperation and strategic advance, we take intensive efforts in witnessing. The witnessing spirit in Lithuania now is as high as ever! We continue our activity in the following areas:


1. Sharing about importance of becoming a good lecturer

During numerous meetings and Sunday sermons we share with our church members about the importance of becoming a good lecturer. Getting our inspiration in the Divine Principle and learning to convey it to others is the basis for success in witnessing, tribal messiahship, and national restoration. Conveying the Word (as opposed to just proclaiming the word) requires much of our mind abilities, body unity, serving others, etc. All church members desire to become experts and professionals in DP education.


2. Actionizing program

Three young sisters got involved in the actionizing program. Right now we continue this project. After her first fundraising experience, one sister shared her emotions with such joy that she could not stop smiling, because her original mind was filled with Heavenly Love!


3. Movie Club

The Movie Club is our new project to which members can bring their friends, brothers and sisters, and witnessing contacts. As an opportunity of education it also helps creating warm relationships and friendship with new guests. After such meetings, it is usually much easier for them to accept the Divine Principle education. We had 4 movie clubs sessions and already see good results.


4. Lectures for new guests

Two new guests joined us in March. One of them participated in 2-days workshop. We witnessed the powerful effect of True Parents Word in action. The newcomers shared that everything they heard was far beyond their imagination. One brother was so much impressed by explanation of the human fall that possessed by spiritual inspiration he composed an unprompted rap song about what he heard. Unfortunately, we did not record it on video, and since it was spontaneous, it cannot be repeated! Such is the power of spirit and truth!


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