Internal Meaning and Significance of Our Works Ahead

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Insup Park, FFWPU International Vice-President Spoke at the providential organizations leaders’ meeting, in preparation for the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa commemoration ceremony which was held at Hannam International Training Center on 2.28 in the third year of Cheon Il Guk by the heavenly calendar (April 16, 2015)  

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Respected leaders of providential organizations.

To begin with, I want to say that our International President and I are deeply grateful for your support and for your heartfelt prayers and good wishes on the occasion of our 20th Blessing Anniversary.

As our International President, Sun Jin is currently very busy preparing for the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the European Church. She will attend True Mother during her visit to Vienna, Austria. Then, Sun Jin will visit and speak to members in Frankfurt, Germany on May 14 and London, England on May 18. Following her European Tour, Sun Jin will visit New York with True Mother, and Sun Jin will speak during the Sunday Sermon in New York City on May 24. She is also making preparations to serve and attend True Mother in Las Vegas. She regrets that she cannot be here with us today.

Twenty years have come and gone so quickly. It almost seems to have passed like the blink of an eye. We know that we would not be together without the deep love, care, prayers, and support of our True Parents. We are also extremely grateful to our family members, friends and all the brothers and sisters around the world.

We have received so much love. Our only desire is to do our best to multiply and return the love that we received, doing our best to unite firmly with True Parents, and especially True Mother at this time. We are determined to attend, serve, love, and take care of her, as well all the members of our worldwide family.

It is a tremendous honor to be able to greet all of you this morning.

As I reviewed the name list for this meeting, I felt a profound respect and appreciation. This is because I know that all of you and your families have fully invested yourselves lives in protecting and attending True Parents, at times even at the risk of your own lives.

True Parents have asked you to accomplish many difficult missions and time and time again, you were able to rise above hardships, persecution, and adversities to find solutions and bring victory to True Parents. Because of your faithful service, we can flourish and thrive now on a global level. For this reason, I feel deeply grateful, humbled and honored to be able to give the opening remarks today.

The 3rd Seonghwa Commemoration Ceremony for our True Father, and related programs, such as the SHPP and the UPF’s World Summit 2015, will mark a major milestone in our movement’s history. Therefore, the work that lies ahead over the next four months is extremely important, both in terms of the grand vision and the smallest details.

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As we prepare to take up this sacred task with our full commitment, I would like to share some simple and personal reflections on the internal meaning and significance of the work that lies ahead:

First of all, if I had to summarize my understanding of True Parents in one simple phrase, I would say that they have absolute passion and love for our Heavenly Parent and for all humanity. True Parents are relentlessly driven by a deep sense of urgency to bring restoration, peace, blessing, salvation, joy, and true love to the world.

We all know that this passion and this sense of urgency derives from their profound understanding of the Heavenly Parent’s heart, an understanding awakened and nurtured by Heaven’s guidance concerning the history of divine providence. They have directly experienced the fullness of the Heavenly Parent’s love and truth.

At the same time, we know that they have personally experienced the darkest side of humanity, enduring all the unspeakable evils that this wretched and fallen world is capable of producing: betrayal, injustice, false accusation, even colonial occupation and war. How much have True Parents prayed, shed tears, suffered and toiled to save humanity from this darkness?

Through their own life courses, True Parents have shown us time and time again how true love can overcome any and all of the darkest challenges and obstacles. Through True Parents’ blessing, their divine words of truth, their forgiveness, grace, and guidance, they have provided us all with a very tangible and real roadmap for restoration and true love; the way to establish one family under God.

Sun Jin and I have listened intently to many testimonies from brothers and sisters, sharing their life journeys and why they joined the movement. Invariably they express their inspiration from learning about True Parents’ teachings. Their lives were transformed and each was filled with a sense of urgency to bring about meaningful change in this world. I am sure most of you have similar stories to tell.

Although True Parents have established Cheon Il Guk, we also recognize the tragic reality of the current situation of our world today. It is clear that we still have much work to do.

By honoring and remembering True Father, we are honoring True Parents’ life and legacy, and their deep longing to fulfill Heavenly Parent’s Will for all humanity. They want nothing more than for each of us, including all 7 billion people of the world, to come to know true love, joy, happiness, and peace.

I hope that the 3rd Seunghwa Ceremony can be a catalyst for our worldwide movement to fully inherit TPs love for God and humanity. Let us rekindle our own sense of urgency and awaken our own passion to bring more true love, joy, happiness, and peace to our families, our communities, our nations, and the world.

Second, I want also to remind us that, when we examine the history of religions, we observe that the period right after the passing of the founder is a period of instability, often marked by crisis and division, especially in relation to succession. As you all may know, such divisions have occurred in early Christianity, in the Islamic tradition and in the Mormon tradition.

However, the one critical difference between those traditions and our movement is that we are tremendously fortunate to have True Mother guiding us as God’s only begotten daughter. We are blessed to have her leading our movement, with the full authority as True Parents, and guiding us step by step into the future.

Consider, for example, the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. True Parents want nothing more than to establish Cheon Il Guk as the nation of cosmic peace and unity. This nation will endure for millennia to come. However, in order for this to happen, True Parents know that a Constitution is essential, including a clear plan of succession. One of the most important achievements of True Mother has been the completion of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution will be one of the greatest of True Mother’s legacies for our movement.

I have witnessed directly for many years how True Mother has directly served, attended, cared for, and loved TF with total dedication; with her blood, sweat, and tears; and with her whole mind, heart and soul.

I cannot imagine how she was able to do this; not for 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years, but for 52 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a years. Not a single moment to rest during that time.

She only focused on attending our Heavenly Parent and our True Father, risking her life for the sake of the salvation of all humanity. Her life is a living miracle.

True Mother not only has both Heaven’s and our True Father’s direct authority as our True Mother, she also has the accumulated moral authority that can only come with a lifetime of absolute, faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

She has grown the deepest roots, based on hard-fought victories of love, one after the other, throughout her life course. She has established a firm, strong and unshakable foundation.

How can anyone claim a similar level of accomplishment? No matter how hard we have worked, prayed or sacrificed, we have accomplished only a small fraction of what True Mother achieved. In front of True Mother we can only say “thank you True Mother for all your sacrifice” and “we love you.” Let us all remember this point.

Therefore, as we honor True Father, it will be very important for us to show that True Mother has been, is, and forever will be with him at every step. Because of her support for True Father over 52 years, True Father could say with confidence “it is finished, it has been completed.” Aju!!! This is True Parents’ victory.

Third, by honoring True Father, let us offer our sincere gratitude and love as a global movement of Blessed Central Families, acknowledging that True Parents are the point of origin and source of love, life and lineage. True Parents, through the Blessing, gave new life to the first generation. For the second generation and future generations, True Parents’ blessing is, literally, the origin of our lives.

This is a simple but profound truth. Even if some may feel distant from the movement at the present time, that root is there forever. It is, and can always be the starting point of our renewed and steadfast life of faith and attendance. The Blessing has planted within each of us the eternal seed of gratitude and love for True Parents.

Finally, after reviewing True Mother’s words related to her expectations for the 3rd Seonghwa Ceremony, it seems very clear that she wants the whole world to know and recognize True Parents on a global level.

After witnessing the remarkable results from Foundation Day and the Blessing Ceremony in March, I think this is very possible. I was personally very inspired to see so many media outlets cover the events so positively all across the globe.

I know that if we all work together with conviction, determination, focus, teamwork, cooperation, and unity under True Mother, an unprecedented level of victory will be achieved. True Parents deserve nothing less.

In conclusion, I hope you will take these points to heart. It is not only “what” we do in the days ahead. It is absolutely important for us to understand “why” we are gathered here today, and “why” we take up this sacred mission. With this in mind, let us focus all our collective energy, wisdom, talent, experience, and capacities here to bring glory and victory to our True Parents.

I sincerely hope that we can make True Father in heaven and True Mother here on earth very proud.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for your lifetime of love, care, and dedication for True Parents, and I want to thank each and every one of you for investing yourself in preparation for this 3rd Seonghwa Commemoration of our beloved True Father.

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ blessings be with you always!

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