Harnessing the Power of Forgiveness

FFWPU USA: Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of FFWPU USA, gave the main Sunday Service address at the Bay Area Family Church April 12, 2015. He spoke about harnessing the power of forgiveness:

…. Forgiveness is actually really deep and challenging. Seventy times seven means forgiving the unrepentant. It means forgiving people who have done things that deeply hurt and betray you. It means you can’t wait for someone to say sorry, and it means you have to give up and let go of the idea that things are going to be fair, because they’re not going to be fair. But by doing that, we start to walk in the footsteps that God, and Jesus, and True Parents commanded us to. When we don’t forgive, actually we’re the ones who suffer the most. Unforgiveness begins to grow in our relationships. Unforgiveness in our church will destroy our church. Unforgiveness in our family will destroy everything that we have. Actually more than that, it will stop God’s plan for my life.

… True Father, himself, was known to the Japanese as a revolutionary, a patriot; he had been arrested, tortured, beaten several times for his work in trying to bring an end to Japanese occupation, and lucky to still be alive. But on the night that the war ended, his mind turned toward a Japanese police officer who was not far away, who was hated in the neighborhood, hated for what he had done to the people, hated for his unfairness, and he went to his house and he told him, “You have to leave tonight or you will surely die tomorrow. I will help you. I will help you to leave.” He says, “I helped him to pack a few belongings, to gather his wife and child, and to leave under the cover of darkness.” Probably at the same time when everybody else would have loved to have seen that man arrested, jailed, perhaps killed on the spot… Read More­




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