“Food is Love”: 40-Day Condition of Devotion

FFWPU Vanuatu: “Cyclone Pam” typhoon swept Vanuatu and left a great disaster for the people of this nation, but love and warm embrace of True Parents blow like a wind here in this nation and we are so grateful for this blessing.

Everywhere was full of the uprooted and pulled out trees, seemed the devil destroyed everything. Looking at the houses which were mostly destroyed, we were thinking of the people living there, who went through so much pain. Feeling that pain in our heart, brought tears to our eyes every time.

True Parents representatives visited all the members and peace ambassadors one by one in their houses and gave a bag of rice from True Parents.

There was a discussion with the regional headquarters about the situation and so much difficulties here. We needed to remove fallen trees with a machine, and give temporary tents which we bought from Australia for the people who lost their homes as soon as possible.

We also visited the Government Disaster Control Headquarters and discus with them about the situation there and how we can help. They mentioned that the main support should be given to Tana Island because of the largest number of the injured people there.

On March 30, we visited the temporary residence of Vanuatu’s President, Hon. Baldwin Lonsdale Hon. Lonsdale to give him the relief supplies offered by Family Federation for World Peace and Unification instructed by True Parents.

The President’s residence also damaged by the typhoon, that is why he was using a temporary residence, a rent house. Our Regional President also convey him a message from True Parents: “Do not lose courage” and President Lonsdale gave respond with gratitude.

And also he promised to attend the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa Ceremony and the World Summit 2015. When we were leaving, President Lonsdale walked with us to the garden and showing his grateful heart again and again. Facing such a national crisis, from here I realized and felt so much God’s love among us.

On March 26, we visited Tana Island to offer our support. We met the Governors and the people who were working on the field. We met President of the Saemaul (new town) movement and the governor of the Island to discuss about the situation there. We also wanted to visit some other villages as well to offer our help and support. And with all the limitations, we made it to the Island and offered True Parents Love and Support.

Around 10 members prepared and hand out 1000 sandwiches every day to the residents. Everyone worked hard around three hours every day to cut breads, grill the sausages, … and prepare the sandwiched but we just give them away in just 30 minutes. Watching people taking the sandwiches in their hand, we felt an amazing flowing power of love there.

Our slogan is “Food is Love” giving a hopeful power to overcome all the pains and difficulties. And with the motto of “One Family under God” we are going to continue giving sandwiches to people for 40 days.

While doing this project, we could understand that how much food is precious. Most of the people here are talking about this project with a grateful heart especially when they see our members wearing yellow T-shirt. I am sure that this 40 days condition of devotion will be effective more what we imagine.

We want to say we love Vanuatu more than anything else. By the love that True Parents gave to this country, all the members are doing their best to fulfill their national responsibilities in this special 40-day condition. We are deeply grateful to our beloved True Parents.

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