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FFWPU North East: Right after the World Leaders’ Assembly 2015 leaders of the Northeast Region gathered for the Northeast Regional Leadership Meeting at the Cheong A camp in Cheong Pyeong on March 6 – 8. This time 30 leaders from Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan gathered for the meeting.

The Regional President, Rev. Jin Hwa Chung, opened the seminar. He shared about his experience of meeting with Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim. He also asked all leaders to reflect on why we are doing our missions. Are we striving to fulfill God’s Will or looking for money, power, and position? As True Mother spoke about olive tree, we need to deepen our faith especially during current challenges. He invited to NER meeting Special Emissary to the Great China and Northeast Regions Dr. Oyamada and Special Emissary to Asia Dr. Robert Kittel.

Dr. Oyamada shared many experiences with True Mother. Right now True Mother is absolute center of our movement and we need to trust her hundred percent. Dr. Robert Kittel showed us how to give Divine Principle lectures in way understanble and acceptable by any religion and secular people. This approach is very useful especially in former communist nations. Next day, Rev. Yang Woo Seuk shared about his victory of fulfilling Tribal Messiahship mission by witnessing to 430 couples.

At the closing ceremony Regional President emphasized that in order to overcome challenges of our time we need to remember Christian history, particularly how Christian tradition and scriptures were established. Regional President presented Foundation Day Award from True Parents to 35 leaders and members of the Northeast Region. This was the third occasion when True Parents gave awards to exemplary families. True Mother so much concerns for the second generation children. This time Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation again provided a scholarship which was given to children of missionaries and leaders of NER nations. Three nations Ukraine, Moldova and Azerbaijan were awarded for gaining the first place in achieving the best results according to KPI evaluation in the categories A, B, C respectively.

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Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

On the occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day 19 first generation couples and several PMC couples from the Northeast Region participated in Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. Twenty brides and grooms attended the main ceremony in Korea. Small and solemn ceremonies were also held in few nations of our region. In Moscow, Russia, Blessing ceremony was following Blessing seminar for five newly matched couples. Participants came from Belarus, Latvia, Mongolia and Russia. Ten Mongolian couples received Blessing this time. Among participants there were two Mongolian- Russian, two Korean-Mongolian, one Japanese-Mongolian, five Mongolian-Mongolian couples. One couple received Blessing in Ukraine. Georgia hosted the Blessing ceremony for one PMC couple from Azerbaijan.

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The 21-day Divine Principle workshop started at our workshop center near Kyiv, on March 16, 2015. It was attended by 5 new guests. They have expressed their interested in studying the Divine Principle and wanted to continue education in our Movement. The meeting for leaders of the witnessing center in Kyiv was held on March 4, 2015. Altogether there were 15 participants. This meeting was special. We talked about weak points of leaders that impede them in fulfilling God’s Will. After that, we named their strong points and offered our advices on how improve shortcomings and enhance good points. The leaders went back to their mission cities with a new determination to invest in God’s Will.

NGO Activity: UPF of Ukraine held a meeting for the Peace School students in Kyiv Gymnasium “Dialog” on March 18, 2015. It was the second meeting of the kind this year. UPF volunteers held a special training in tolerance for children of different schools that came to the meeting. There were 35 participants – 30 children and 5 teachers. All of them enjoyed the training. The children were inspired. They expressed their desire to participate in the future Peace School programs.



In March we continued our activities in three main areas: Church, NGO and Business. Daily frontline witnessing activity in Moldova by full-time members together with the CIG Missionaries became even more successful and inspiring. Beside front-line activity weekly meetings of witnessing team members were held. During month Movie Club sessions and Famous People Club sessions were held. The number of guests attending programs in Moldova is constantly growing. Monday Prayer Meeting was held for revival spirit of members and creating Jeong Seong conditions for providence. Sport Club is a new weekly activity for witnessing young people. Now, it is the most visited club. Mentors’ Meeting was conducted in March. It aimed at educating and training Central Blessed Families for successful realization of Tribal Messiaship. After investing for 2 months in all possible kinds of witnessing activities and after evaluation workshop the CIG Missionaries left Moldova.

NGO Sphere: On March 5, 2015, the „SOARE” CC held an Origami training session for kindergarten educators in preparing the kindergarten Origami Corner. On March 19, 2015, the “SOARE” CC held a project at the Moldovan-German Lyceum. This project was initiated by one of the most active members of the team and included the Origami Lesson for the 1st grade kids. They enjoyed it very much.

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Hoon Dok Home church and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship are main providential activities in Mongolia. We started Hoon Dok home church activities from 17 groups, by the end of March we have 27 groups. At Sunday Service, on March 28, four more Hoon Dok home churches were born (see the photo). Traditionally, Home church groups have weekly meetings, during which they are studying True Parents’ teaching by reading Cheong Seong Gyeong and DP. Some Hoon Dok home group leaders visit blessed families’ homes, and together with the family members read HDH. We are aware that tribal messiahship is our responsibility and mission, through which we must inherit True Parents’ legacy of love and victorious foundation. Therefore, each HDH home group encourages their team members to do witnessing, involve their relatives and friends in the church activity, and attend the weekly HDH meetings. CARP members do Weekly Street witnessing, with the purpose of increasing the number of our CARP members and developing the tribal activity. In witnessing we adopt the One-to-One DP reading practice with new guests.

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This month national vice-national leader participated in the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly, in South Korea. He brought us news and shared with us love and blessings of our Heavenly Parents and our True Parents, which he received there. We continue with educational clubs, where we teach the Divine Principle in simple words. We learn by studying successful people’s biographies, and developed our leadership skills through live public activities. We continue holding Sunday Family meetings for adults and children. Right before our eyes, we can see our Almaty family growing thanks to God’s words and love. After the meeting, we offered tea and lunch. Such kind of communication can also strengthen our relations.

In March, we had a 2-Day DP seminar. It was a good practice for us. Among the participants there were also some members who desired to gain new inspiration. We sent our New World Education Team to Chimkent city to do the 30-day fundraising condition in hope that they would grow spiritually and learn to be more responsible in completing God’s Providence by overcoming challenges and hardships on the front line.

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On March 7, 2015, women and men representing different NGOs attended a Conference initiated by WFWP and UPFin relation to the International Women’s Day. Many young people, Youth Ambassadors for Peace, and winners of the beauty pageant “Mister and Miss University” took part in this program; they shared their experience in social service. We consider it very important to develop such kind of cooperation involving different generations. Beside deep and heartistic speeches, there was also a beautiful entertainment program prepared by Honored Artists of Russia, “Angels of Peace,” and Mister and Miss University contest participants.

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Latvia: The open Sunday Service for new guests was held on March 22

After lunch several guests traditionally attended the Korean lesson. This long time project was launched in June 2014 by Seerae Lee, wife of the National Leader of Latvia, who is native Korean. The Korean lessons and speech practice is becoming more and more popular both among our members and guests, especially university students. The majority of our guests read the True Father’s autobiography at least once, and they highly respect True Parents. Through studying Korean, new members learn the Culture of Heart and come to deeper understanding of the Principle. Some express their wish to visit Korea soon and may be study at a Korean university. Korean lessons influence our members and new guests in a very positive way. We are determined to keep on studying Korean and inherit the Culture of Heart.

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