Czech Republic: Family Evening


FFWPU Czech Republic, By Eva Pejkofski, March 23, 2015: We organized a “Family evening” as one of our monthly cultural evenings. Around 14 participants all together, including 4 guests – three of them came at least for second time to our activity and one was completely new.

The program mainly was about sharing thoughts among the three international blessed couples (Czech- Portuguese, Czech-Japanese and Albanian-Czech) about the differences they had to overcome in their relationship and about the cultural concepts and prejudices they are dealing with.

The evening was filled with amazingly warm and family-like atmosphere, supported by the traditional Portuguese, Japanese, Albanian and Czech music and homemade food traditional for those four nations prepared by CARP members.

During the sharing we could witness about True Parent´s vision – the three couples had the same conclusion that all differences and difficulties can be overcome only by having a common purpose, common vision of creating a healthy loving family surpassing any international, interracial or interreligious boundaries.

Feedback from one of the guests: “I loved hearing about your marriage, such event should be recorded and shared in TV, it was very inspiring. I feel like part of one big family.”

We are inspired by the atmosphere which we could create during the evening and by the feedback from our guests and we definitely want to repeat such event in the future.

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