CARP Austria: How to be Successful

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CARP Austria, by Jennifer Busianro & Natalia Ladstätter: From the evening of Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of February 2015 the Austrian Youth organized a short CARP weekend workshop. Including the staff there were 27 participants, of which 2 were guests. The motto of the workshop was: “How to be successful” and more specifically, how to be successful personally, in relationships, in career and in our spiritual life.

From the start of the workshop there was a very warm atmosphere, making it easy to bond with one another throughout the workshop. Since the workshop lasted only 2 days, it was packed with a lot of content and testimonies given by Dr. Wolfgang Czerny, Otmar Ladanyi and Robert Stefanc. Besides the lectures, the schedule also included time for discussion, sports and some free time to spend together and more.

On the second evening the teams were faced with a special challenge night. The participants had to solve difficult riddles in their teams to get from post to post. This fun game ended with a nice buffet and hot chocolate. Everyone then shared together how they solved the riddles, making it a nice chance for everyone to bond.

Even though it was such a short workshop it was still a very valuable experience and a good break from daily life. The participants especially liked the motto of this workshop, because it was something that really interested them. In the reflection some participants put it this way: “The motto was perfect, exactly what I needed right now” or “The motto definitely appealed to me”.

In the future the Austrian CARP is planning to organise such workshops twice a year, with the next one coming in up in autumn 2015.

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