Albania: A CARP Workshop to Remember

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CARP Albania, by Arnold Grami (Tirana CARP leader): Brothers and sisters, especially CARPies around the world, I would like to talk about a 3-day CARP workshop with the theme “Leadership starts from the heart” which we held in Tirana from April 17 to 19, 2015 with 160 participants. This three days were full of laughter, team challenges, intensive schedule of lectures and activities, and all for one purpose: that this yearly workshop could engrave the core values in the minds & hearts of all the participants. We did our best in order that the Divine Principle (our Core Values) could stick in our mind even in a small scale, so to be practiced later in our daily life.

What we accomplished this time will be seen in the coming weeks and months or even latter, but indeed we are grateful to all centers and communities who invested everything they had in bringing 160 participants in which most of them were first-timers in such a workshop. WE thank all our brothers and sisters who accomplished their responsibilities with great dedication.

Our goal was to inspire and prepare these young people to study Divine Principle deeply in the future and prepare them to attend the summer 15 day Divine Principle seminar as well.

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This workshop will be remembered for the all the staff members who invested everything to guide the energy of CARPies in right direction. Fifteen teams were working hard during the whole workshop and there was so much energy going on. This year the first place in team competition was given to the Hakws lead by Arjan Haziraj; the second place went to Nuevita lead by Beqir Kaculi and the third one to The Lumps lead by Ardit Matraku.

The MCs were Arnold Grami, Irida Shkoza and Majlinda Matraku. Our STF brothers Shegenori Suzuki and Robin Chionna composed a very nice song that it is now a hymn with very special lyrics.

This workshop has had multiple and different challenges from previous years. Lectures were presented with real energy and passion by all lecturers. They could keep alive the concentration of all the participants and we are sure it will remain as a good teaching in them, regardless of how much they are continuing to attend other activities.

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Reflections from some of the participants

  • “… I’m very pleased with this workshop as I learned well the importance of team work and how to be a leader centered on the heart”.
  • “… I learned a lot. The lectures were my favorite part (Suggestion – The topics that were presented need more time for presentation so I think that the next workshop should be 5-7 days long)”
  • “… the workshop in general was amazing. We could familiarize in a very short time. I’m expecting you to open a center in Presheva, South Serbia. (This certainly is one of those big dreams)”
  • “…from this workshop I learned how a leader should behave. It made me understand that we, the young people, have a lot to receive from this life thus we are eager to know more…”
  • “… it’s my first time in CARP workshop. I learned about teamwork and responsibility through team challenges…”
  • “… this time I enjoyed it. The rules were clearer and everything was well planned…”

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