World Peace Blessing Ceremony At the Eglise Protestante Française of Bern

FFWPU Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland, 14. March 2015: The MCs of the program, Mr. Roger Fankhauser and Ms. Noemi Komagata, opened the gathering with a brief introduction of the event of the day and then passed on the floor to a group of talented young artists, amongst them, Naomi Aoto, Elisa Ingrosso Nathalie Komagata and Julia Handschin. The youth had organized and prepared an exciting 30 minute program with songs and dances, that inspired and warmed up the atmosphere for the event that was about to unfold.

The rich musical opening was followed by an introduction to the Blessing process, given by Ms. Chantal Chételat-Komagata, Secretary General of UPF – Switzerland.

The presentation lasted 45 minutes and was given in German and French at the same time, and allowed the participants to understand the universal values underlying the event.

This was followed by 6 religious representatives coming on stage to demonstrate unity and support among the religious communities for the Family and World Peace Blessing ceremony. Religious leaders offered prayers and remarks from the perspectives of their faith.

Some of the remarks were given by Rev. William A. McComish, dean emeritus Of St. Peter’s Cathedral of Geneva and Rabbi Aron Muller of the Jewish Community of Baden who were both represented by a member of the congregation.

The water ceremony had representatives of six faiths: Buddhism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Christian Science and Unificationism.

The family is the basic unit of a Christian community. We see this clearly in the New Testament when the Apostles journey to tell people about the resurrection of Jesus. They baptized whole families, the family of Lydia is one example, and another is the prison governor at Philippi who was baptized with his whole family amid the ruins of his prison during the night after an earthquake. His family would normally have included his wife (or wives?), his children and his servants. Christianity has always been a religion of communities and the most important unit of these communities was the family. The relationships within the family were changed, deepened and made more tender by the new faith”. —Rev. Dr. William A. Mc Comish

The goal of humanity is harmony and peace. Peace in Hebrew “Shalom” and in Arabic “Salaam” means wholesomeness. This is also the original goal of religions to promote humanity to utmost harmony. The basic tools in the human character in order to achieve this noble goal, are the qualities of love and humility. About the creation of the initial couple in the biblical story it is justified by the fact that being alone is not harmonious. It is only by developing love and humility that human as different as man and woman can create a most harmonious relationship.

Without harmony in one’s own private domain, one cannot fully radiate harmony to the world. With love and humility that start at home, humanity as a whole can reach its ideal harmonious peace.Rabbi Aron Muller, Jewish Community of Baden

The Blessing Ceremony started with the Officiators, Rev. & Mrs. Heiner & Carolyn Handschin entering the stage and conducting the important Holy Wine ceremony as a first step of the Blessing process, which meant the change of lineage and the engrafting to the True Love of God, our Heavenly Parent.

Rev. & Mrs. Heiner & Carolyn Handschin, the Officiators, gave some brief explanation about the importance of rededicating our marriages by centering them on the True Love of God, thus realizing the best foundation for lasting happiness in our couple and a realistic hope for sustainable peace in the world.

All the couples present followed the Holy Wine ceremony and joined in the renewal of their engagement towards each other through the engagement prayer. All couples held hands in the determination to canter their marriages on the True Love of God.

After this the Officiators sprinkled the attending couples with Holy Water thus confirming the Blessing of Heaven over these newly committed couples.

Seven new couples and four individuals representing their couple renewed their marriage vows by taking part in this World Peace Blessing ceremony.

The World Peace Blessing was then proclaimed as being completed by the Officiators. The national leaders of FFWPU-Switzerland, Secretary General of UPF Switzerland and WFWP national representatives and 3 district leaders came as couples all the way from Ticino, Geneva and Zurich-Aarau, and joined with some community members and attended and supported this very memorable and beautiful event.

This most memorable event ended with a hearty snack joined by all the 60-70 participants and the evening ended in a warm and deep atmosphere of gratitude and happiness.

Heartfelt thanks to all the actors who have been offering their sincere heart for various parts of the event like, entertainment, the recordings, the sound system, preparing the sushi and sandwiches in the kitchen, putting up the banners, decorating the rooms, cleaning after the event, bringing food and drinks, leading the different parts of the event, all were one in heart with accomplishing a great event.

In the name of the organizing committee, many thanks go to all participants and supporters for investing wholeheartedly in this Swiss ceremony of the World Peace Blessing 2015 and for the beautiful and successful event that came out of it.

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