Wonju McDevitt’s Message on the Cham Bumo Gyeong Project


FFWPU USA: Wonju McDevitt, chief secretary for True Mother, related her experiences reading Hoon Dok Hwe (study of scripture) for True Parents every day for the last 33 years.


Hello, everybody. Paul Fontaine made this podium for me to read Hoon Dok Hwe (scripture). We were doing Hoon Dok Hwe every morning here, in such a precious place. I’m so happy that you have this meeting today. True Mother gave me a two-week break to visit my family. I can visit my family here twice a year. I am so happy and honored to have this opportunity here.

My name is Wonju McDevitt. I am Chief Secretary for True Mother right now. I am staying with True Mother in Korea. In 1982, when I came to East Garden to join my husband, True Father asked some Korean sisters to join him in reading a magazine, the Tong Il magazine. I was youngest one, so I couldn’t go. I stayed downstairs while some people went up, and then somehow I was called, so I went there, and I read the magazine. True Father said, “Okay, from today on, you will read every day.” That was in 1982.

So I was reading in front of True Father. I was—what?—25 or 26 years old. I was so scared in front of True Father. I read every day. When he woke up at 3:00am, I had to read in the morning, so sometimes I recorded these readings. True Father told me to record his speeches starting from Volume One. I recorded until Volume 100. After that, I couldn’t do any more. True Father listened to my recordings at night when he was sleeping, or as soon as he woke up. As soon as he would see me, I had to read.

When we went to South America in the middle of 1990, we were going around the Amazon. Wherever he went, I had to read. One time, no leaders were around, just myself and True Parents. I didn’t know what to do, so I had to read the whole book, all the books; whatever I had, I had to read. I always had to read.

We were in South America—Uruguay and Punta de l’Esta, reading every morning and every night, and finally in 1997, Father established Hoon Dok Hwe.

We came back to Korea and went on a Hoon Dok tour in 12 cities. At that time, True Father spoke and I had to read in a big auditorium. On the 32-hour flight from Uruguay to Korea, by private jet, True Father went into the airplane, then I went in, True Father sat down and said, “Ok, Wonju, read!” As soon as we got onto the plane, I had to read. True Father didn’t say, “Sit down,” so I had to stand and read. It’s very dangerous, right? (Laughter)

On the 32-hour flight to Korea, Rev. Yoo brought the Cheon Seong Gyeong and True Father said, “Okay, now this is the condition. We start now, and we have to finish the book before we land in Korea.” So I had to read so fast. I was like an engine, and I was reading, reading. I couldn’t do it by myself, so Rev. Young, Peter Kim, Mrs. Im, myself, and Mr. Yoon—five of us—we were reading. I read for one hour, and the others 30 minutes at a time; non-stop we read, and finally we were finished. Peter Kim is very fast, you know. I am fast, but Peter Kim is very fast. So fast. Anyway, we finished by the time we got to Korea. True Father, “Okay, that’s it!” (Clapping)

I’ll never forget that experience. Whenever I got into a car or plane or even boat (except when he’s fishing, we had to be quiet—at that time I could relax!), whenever there was a chance, I had to read. When we were traveling in Europe, I had to sit in the front seat of a small car with a book. I had to read, and thank God I never got car sick. I had to read. That was my precious memory.

Even in a small jet, a small helicopter, wherever we went, True Father wanted me to stand up and read, every time. That was such precious memory with True Father; because of that I could learn so much about True Parents, and also Jesus Christ. Through True Father’s words—his speeches Volume One through 20—when I read I really feel Jesus Christ. I cry so much, whenever his words come to say Jesus Christ. I cry because of True Father’s words. Through Hoon Dok Hwe, I became mature.

After True Father passed, True Mother really concentrated on the Cheon Seong Gyeong and Cham Bumo Gyeong. True Mother is really praying hard. This year, in January, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim was with us in Hawaii. We had to read the Cham Bumo Gyeong, and it was so good. So inspired. I cried, True Mother cried, Dr. Kim cried. We cried and we read. And True Mother was so happy. If True Mother was here, she would give you a special treat. I know, because True Mother really, really appreciates people who translate and edit the speeches, the Cham Bumo Gyeong. True Mother really appreciates it.

I am so happy I am here. I told True Mother I was here; I gave a little testimony. I’m so proud of myself. I’m so happy. True Mother will be very happy. She always says, “I really appreciate American members who trust me and support me.”

You already know True Mother is coming. She really wants to come and comfort you, so I’m so happy, because I live in America, too. Thank you very much!

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