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Hungarian TV interview with FFWPU-Hungary President, Mr. Tibor Krebsz

FFWPU Hungary, Some news from Hungary: Divine Principle education was continuing in the last two months. We organized public lecture which was introducing the spirit world according the Divine Principle explanation. Also DP WS was organized in our Peace Embassy, where the classmates of the 2nd generation children came to listen lectures. 1 day DP seminar was also organized by one Blessed Family who invited guests to their house. And of course in the Church Centers evening DP lectures were given as well and the witnessing with True Father’s autobiography is also continuing.


48th Heavenly Parent’s Day – The Church Communities this time celebrated centering on the local churches. The Budapest community because of its size had to rent a place in the Benczur Hotel to organize the celebration. The event was guided by the National Leader couple. The National Leader in his new year speech focused on Joshua and asked the congregation to learn from him how he behaved for the sake of unity and staid with his people after being rejected even though he was right. And he was showing some part of True Mother words from the “We are happy People” video. As part of the celebration several members, couples and children got award because of their exemplary work in witnessing and in public life. After lunch time there was a cultural entertainment and with the lottery and closing prayer we offered the first day of CIG-3 to Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

hun 2

Public lectures – To share the family values to the elderly people and same time take care of them. The Kaposvar Church members organizing lectures and service projects for the elderly people in two house on a weekly base.

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Cultural Programs and collaborating with other NGOs – The FFWPU tries to find the way to collaborate with other NGOs and seems the cultural programs are offering a very good opportunity to build up trust and create friendships. And based on it we can also introduce the Founders of FFWPU, Father and Mother. Last time the “Six Channel” came and made the report about our Peace Embassy and its ongoing programs. They got interested and invited us to their studio for interview where we could introduce the FFWPU and its activities and spoke about True Father. This TV Channel has 1.5 million customers on nationwide.

WFWP Budapest – The WFWP continued their regular club. This time the topic was, How to cook healthy food and prepare meal. And of course at the first part of the program True Mother and the WFWP and its mission was introduced to the Ladies.

HARP (Second Generations) Workshop – On February 28, there was a 1 day Seminar for the HARP students 13 years up. This time the original nature contra fallen nature was the topic. The lectures tried to help to realize and distinguish the original and fallen self. And gave guidance how to catch and overcome the fallen nature that we become God’s true children and resemble him. After the lectures the children discussed about the content and shared their experiences. There were many games and team building as well including a heavenly carnival. Also the Hungarian HARP celebrated its 1st year of birthday.


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