True Mother with the Senior Church Members

Senior Church Members’ Luncheon

True Mother said the following on 1.3 on the heavenly calendar

in the third year of Cheon Il Guk (February 21, 2015) at Cheon Jeong Gung






What shall I talk about? Among the people that are here are some that are younger than I and some that are older. Some have a shorter time left to prepare for going to the spirit world than the time they have already lived.

You are all blessed members. Father said, “The blessing is the blessing of a position.” All blessed members, whether you are from the thirty-six- couple group, or seventy-two-couple group, should take responsibility in their positions. You cannot say you are a blessed member when you don’t fulfill that responsibilities. You have to bear fruit during the remainder of your lives.

Among you are some that have been as fickle as reeds because of the True Family. However, you have to fulfill your responsibilities. Many among the thirty-six couples and seventy-two couples have gone to where True Father is now. Do you think anyone can claim to be a blessed member and then freely come and go where Father is? Not that I have seen. You have to realize that.

They come when Father calls them. “You, come to see me!” I am saying that you have to become people that True Parents remember. A blessed family has to carry a lineage through the generations.

Recently I met an elderly Japanese wife. She spoke to me, repenting deeply that the True Family wasn’t able to take its position. I said to her, don’t worry, neither you blessed members nor the True Children are perfect yet. They need a growth period.

During that growth period, through absolute faith and absolute obedience, you have to be one with the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. That’s where the thirty-six couples and the seventy-two couples should be. I’m not a person that wavers back and forth based on what my children do. You have to fulfill all your responsibilities while you are still alive. True Parents are the True Parents of all humankind, not only the True Parents of the True Family.

We have a long path to travel and are busy. We have to straighten everything. You should be in the mainstream centered on True Parents. If your beloved children are in a tributary, you should support them so that they can enter the mainstream. This is a situation in which we put our lives on the line.

If you go to the spirit world without being able to fulfill your responsibilities on earth, life in the heavenly world will not seem much like heaven. Would you feel comfortable if a father and mother were in heaven but their children were in hell? I’m teaching people that are wandering around and then sending them to the front line. I forgive and embrace them, but they have responsibilities.

The parent can’t do that part. That part you must do yourselves. You have to know how your life will be seen from the spirit world. No matter how much True Parents pull you up, those around you will accuse you. You won’t be able to be comfortable in that place. This life on earth is but a moment, but the original homeland we go to is forever. Forever. Everyone, being in a blessed family is the best position to be in. Yet I’m warning you that it depends on how hard you try to protect that great position. We don’t have much time. I’m more than seventy years old, and I too am working hard.

Those among you who are eighty or ninety must be clear in your minds because how we live on earth and the kind of treatment we receive isn’t the end of things. Only a few years remain until 2020, and we have a lot to straighten out in that time. For whom? For our descendants. Among you are those that are living in the same era with me and that support the work for the providence as well as people that are just observing. In the end all these are blessed members, though they are few in number.

Father is gone from earth, and it’s not easy for a spirit to come from the spirit world to work on earth. You may think that with a great force it could be done, but it’s not that simple. No matter how hard it is on the earth, it is easier here than there. When your ancestors or your spouse see you from where they are in the spirit world, they want to help. But I am telling you that it is not easy for them. If you go to the spirit world while you are in this situation, without being able to sort out things with your children, do you think their path will be straight? I do things within the rules of the Principle. I never overlook my children. That’s how hard being a True Parent is. Shouldn’t you be like this, even a little bit?

Do not worry about the True Children. You, the blessed members, are indebted to True Parents. You were not able to protect True Parents’ family. True Parents asked you to do that, but you were unable to. You need to make up for that.

When Cham Bumo Gyeong is released, you will need to study some more. I did not just suddenly appear in the 1960s. You need to be aware of this. The two-thousand-year Christian providential history was a time of preparation to find God’s only begotten daughter. Did the thirty-six couples receive learn that? You didn’t? You didn’t know, did you?

God is completely whole; his beginning and end are the same. After Adam and Eve fell, how difficult was Heaven’s providence in restoring human beings, his children? You know how painful it must have been. We cannot envision how difficult God’s providence was as he educated ignorant humanity and raised the people of Israel for four-thousand years.

How anxious was God’s heart as he waited for the providence to be filled by the person he had chosen! How frustrating must that have been? You cannot conceive how much his heart ached whenever he observed mistakes happening again and again. Until the day he had established Jesus Christ, he often directed people to carry out many tasks that were difficult to understand. After restoration through indemnity, Jesus Christ, whom we can call God’s only begotten son, was born. As God’s only begotten son, he was the first person that could relate to God’s work.

Hence, those surrounding him including Mary, Joseph, the chief priest, or Judaic Israel, had to attend him. They should have constituted an environment for Jesus. If that had happened, the nation of Israel would have been restored and through that nation, Jesus could have risen to the position of king of kings. However, God’s only begotten daughter did not appear. When Jesus died on the cross, he said he would return. Hence, the position of the only begotten son is still left. What, then, does Heaven have to find and establish? The answer comes out, even if I say nothing, doesn’t it?

We have seen many people carrying out spiritual works, but Dae-mo nim’s spiritual work is different. She was chosen by Heaven within the providence to find the only-begotten daughter, which is why she can carry out spiritual works that no one else can do. Among those close to True Father, is there anyone that could play such a role? Just by observing this point, you can realize this. Did the Unification Church realize how precious was the providence to find God’s only begotten daughter? How much did you appreciate True Mother as God’s only begotten daughter? Dae-mo nim’s spiritual works, from beginning to end, had the mission to serve the returning Lord until the day he magnificently went to the spiritual world.

As we work toward opening of the Cheon Il Guk era, you must be able to find the perfected, original mind while carrying out your own responsibilities. Do you understand what I mean? You must find your original mind by yourselves. You should be able to edify yourselves upon the standard of absolute faith in, absolute love for and absolute obedience to True Parents. I am saying you should offer conditions. Just as Dae-mo nim did, you should offer conditions and be able to edify yourselves. You must become one with True Parents through the Holy Spirit and the truth, through the true teachings and through the three main scriptures. Therefore, if you live in accordance with the way True Parents lived, you automatically get to attend True Parents. You will also end up going to places where True Parents go. From now on, a family resolving its issues by itself should learn. Otherwise, there would be indemnity.

They say this is the year of the blue sheep. Blue sheep… Blue is close to nature. Nature does not lie. It only portrays the truth, and a sheep is gentle and humble. A sheep does not utter a sound even when it gives its life. You should learn a lot from nature. Among those who have come here today, those born in the year of the sheep, please raise your hands. The year of the sheep… A sheep symbolizes heavenly work. It must move around. It must not stay still. This year is one in which those born in the year of the sheep should play an active role. If you become one with me, you get to receive my fortune. Right?

If you understand this, you should become one with me. I am saying this because I want to take you with me wherever I go. This cannot be resolved through understanding and love alone. You must act and practice it and thereby resolve your indemnity. How miserable was the six-thousand year human history for this reason. Only True Parents can resolve this. Only our Heavenly Parent and True Parents can do it. Hence, those who know this should let others know.

Each one of us should be able to realize a world centered on God and say before going to the spiritual world, “I have achieved everything.” Otherwise, our future generations— the third and fourth generations will face difficulties. We cannot let that happen. Will you live according to the word? Will you help me? Can I trust you? This is the year of the blue sheep. You are clear water, but you should become clearer and save the world. I will go forward with the mind-set that this year is one full of hope.

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