True Mother at 2015 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly – Closing Ceremony

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2015 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly – Closing Ceremony

True Mother’s Address

1.16 in the third year of Cheon Il Guk on the heavenly calendar (March 6th 2015) 

Cheongshim Youth Center



You who are gathered here today are the leaders of the Unification family. You are Blessed Families. Also some of you have worked for the providence for 50 years, 40 years, 30 years or 20 years; I’m sure many of you have been here for most of that time. What I would like to ask you now is, in your entire life, what can you say you can be proud of before Heaven? Throughout your entire life, you’ve lived in difficult conditions yet you worked with the mindset thinking, “I am grateful, and I will do my best to further develop what I have.” However, I honestly believe there are not many of you who lived like that. A few days ago I said to the leaders, from now on we are in a new era as we enter the third year of Cheon Il Guk. Everyone, all the Blessed Families of the Unification Family, must move forward with a unified will and unified determination centered on True Parents. Be healthy, be strong and really grow very profound and deep roots. This is the message I gave.

I spoke about the olive tree as an example of this. The olive tree lives and grows in the very barren conditions. I’m sure those who have been to Israel know that it’s not a fertile land. In this difficult environment, it takes the olive tree 15 years to grow its roots—not one year, not three years, it takes 15 years. How does the olive tree survive in this scorching, hot desert? Furthermore, locusts, as described in the Bible, are really very scary when they move into huge hoards. After the locust hoard comes into one region all of the vegetation is devastated. However, the olive tree releases a chemical reaction that protects it from the locusts and all surrounding olive trees receive this warning signal from the first tree and emit the same chemical into the air discouraging the locusts from coming near them. So as we can see, what we can learn from nature is truly beautiful and very profound. This is why, in the Bible, we learn about the true olive tree. So the story of the true olive tree has lingered for 1,000 years, 2,000 years; even today there are olive trees that have lived for more than 2,000 years. We need to learn from this story. Centering on the True Parents, ask yourself: how deep has my blessed family planted our roots?

This year is the year of the blue sheep (cheongyang). “Cheong”, in Korean, means blue but it also means clear, transparent. It means crystal clear. It means as natural as it gets. The sheep is an animal that is very special. When God created the sheep and when God created human beings, out of all the animals that God created for human beings, it was the mildest and is the only animal that lives 100% for the sake of others. It is an animal that is truly selfless, isn’t that true? This animal is considered holy as it was used as an offering (in the Bible). This is why the sheep is a clean animal. It’s an obedient animal and the sheep doesn’t think of itself. The sheep follows the owner and is grateful and this is why no matter what the owner does, even when the owner puts a knife to its neck, the sheep doesn’t emit any sounds. However other animals, like the cow, are not the same. When you look at this aspect of the sheep we see that we need to learn from this animal. We need to learn the wisdom that is found in nature. Through True Parents we have been learning that we need to become true people—true families.

I would like to give you another example today. In Peru there is the famous location Machu Picchu site. I’m sure some of you have visited this famous tourist attraction. I’m sure all of you who’ve been missionaries to South America have visited this location. Machu Picchu is located 2,000 meters above sea level deep within the mountains. People built a city high up in the mountains. They also built stairs and all of the fields of rice patties were built over wide steps. You can see the remnants of these fields even today. When we go up in the high mountain we can see that there are a lot of clouds. It’s very cloudy and at the bottom, because of the clouds, you can see lots of streams and lots of water. However, at the top of the mountain you can see the sun and the sunshine. So, what I am trying say? I’m trying to say that the Incas lived in accordance and in harmony with nature. This is how they built their nation. So have you thought about how these people got their water? How did they supply the entire city with water? I’m sure you’re curious. The only way was to adapt to nature. This is why they made canals. Maybe they had reservoirs. Through these canals and reservoirs they were able to supply the necessary water to grow all the fields of crops they were farming. This is what I have been reflecting upon.

We have entered the third year of Cheon Il Guk. How should we move forward toward Vision 2020 to be victorious and obtain results that we can offer to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents? I’m sure you’ve thought a lot and discussed a lot as you contemplated this point. One thing we need to do is not continue with the old ways we have followed up until now. There cannot be development if we continue forward in our old ways. This is the conclusion, this is the obvious conclusion that we reach and incidents have supported our coming to this conclusion.

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We don’t really have enough time to fulfill Vision 2020; however, in order for our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents together, as the king of kings, to carry out the providence of Cheon Il Guk, we need citizens to populate it. Without the inhabitants can there be a reigning king? You Blessed Families, you need to complete this responsibility. Please do not think this is just a Blessing for me or my family alone. With that mentality we cannot think towards the future. This has happened before. It is shameful to think in this way. Am I speaking the truth? Yes or no?

We cannot wait any longer; we cannot ask the providence to wait. This is why the Incas built their nation high up in the mountains and they supplied food in the mountains. They did not have the ability at that time to draw water up 2,000 meters above sea levels. This of course is now possible today. That is why they had to rely on heaven and heavenly fortune. They had to really adapt to the conditions they were living in so from the very top down, they could live by sharing equally. Even in Korean we have the saying “Everyone in the position of authority and responsibility must become like crystal-clear water”. The water from the top must be clear in order for the water running to the bottom to be clear. From this point of view the leaders must repent once more and follow the tradition of True Parents and stand at the forefront of the Providence.

Become the models and stand tall before the entire world and together, testify about True Parents; testify that your families received the Blessing from True Parents, lived in the same era, and have fulfilled your responsibilities as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs and in so doing, your families have established a legacy of becoming true olive trees that will remain for generations and generations with roots so deep, these families will continue on in the way of True Parents for two, three or 4,000 years into the future. As long as we attend True Parents and become one with them we will always be eternal; we will be eternal, do you understand? This is why, at this time, after much thought—can I say it?

In order to have a proper organization the center must be established. So, henceforth, all the major events that take place twice a year will be hosted by the FFWPU International headquarters’ team. For this reason, the FFWPU International President will be Sun Jin Moon. I appoint Sun Jin Moon as our International President. Thank you, Thank you. I will give her the certificate of appointment soon so you can applaud more after that.

I think Sun Jin Moon is very humble and she gets embarrassed easily and she’s like a sheep (laughter) so, this is partly why I appoint her. Next to her she needs her husband, that’s why I appoint In Sup Park as the FFWPU International Vice President. More than anybody else they represent the True Family and they have selflessly followed True Parents’ tradition, showing you the example. Together with you, they will move us toward the fulfillment of Vision 2020 and they will build together with you the eternal Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk and build a foundation for the eternal king of kings, the True Parents of all seven billion people of this world. I hope you will help them wholeheartedly.

I made several internal personnel changes as well. Now, centering on the International President, the director general of FFWPU International Headquarters will be Man-Ho Kim and through Man-Ho Kim I will give all my directions. I will get rid of unnecessary man power and time. How can we all become one and like an arrow really reach the hearts of all the 7 billion people around the world? I really hope that you will work as hard as possible for the sake of creating one united world. I made these decisions with that wish in mind.

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