The Restoration of Our True God’s Homeland


True Father gave this speech on March 4, 2005 at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, Korea at a Korean Rally for the Realization of Cheon Il Guk


We are here today in the third month of the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk at the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace, the original holy ground. At this important time in history, I would like to speak about God’s most earnest desire, the restoration of our true God’s homeland. You need to understand this message that I convey from God and put it into practice in this age. A new spring is upon us, the era after the coming of heaven. Please open your hearts and welcome this deeply meaningful spring day.


Seeking God’s kingdom

Dear members, God has revealed to us his kingdom and his righteousness, yet the people living on earth have been unable to receive them. Nonetheless, God’s kingdom and his righteousness remain humankind’s hope today and the hope of all those that ever lived on earth throughout history.

This hope-filled kingdom and the righteousness flowing from that hope remain our final goal and purpose. Why are these still unfulfilled? It is because of the Fall. God and human beings were to have become the center of God’s kingdom and righteousness. Instead, because our first ancestors fell, God and human beings were alienated from each other, unable to form any relationship. Because of the Fall, human beings lost the heavenly lineage and instead became Satan’s children, who inherit Satan’s lineage.

The human race fell into ignorance—ignorance of the true parents and true families that were to be the center of God’s kingdom and his righteousness and ignorance of the true nation. For this reason, God has had to labor throughout history to awaken humanity and to teach us about the true parents, the true family and the true nation. Finding God’s kingdom and his righteousness remains our ultimate hope and goal.

Dear members, there are more than two hundred nations in the world today. Yet among these numerous nations, there is not one that God can call his own homeland and that can receive his complete love. For this reason, the purpose of God’s providence, spanning more than six thousand years, has been to completely reorder this fallen world and re-create the kingdom of God.

Throughout history, the purpose of God’s providence has been to build his kingdom. Until that kingdom is established, God will not be able to fulfill his will for the restoration of humankind. First, however, there must be a central nation based on a central religion. This is why during a certain historical epoch, God sought to establish a nation of his own. The Bible records this effort as the providential history of the chosen people of Israel and of Judaism.


The nation of our hope

However we still do not have God’s nation to live in. A person without that nation does not have an original hometown. A person without God’s nation does not have a real nationality. A person without God’s nation has nowhere to truly register his or her existence. Therefore our task in this life is to create God’s nation.

Only when we have God’s nation will the tradition we establish live on through our descendants for eternity, and will the effort we have made while shedding our blood and sweat live on. That nation will be a monument celebrating Heaven’s labors. In it, the evidence of God’s glory will endure on earth. However, if we fail to find that nation, everything we have done will have been in vain.

For these reasons, you need to understand clearly that today our most critical task is to seek and establish God’s nation. You must live with the unremitting conviction that your family protects the nation that True Parents love; thus you have to become a devoted child of True Parents and follow the path of a loyal citizen of that nation.

Let us seek the path that fulfills our true desire. On the foundation of God’s nation, let us establish a kingdom where we wish we could reside for all eternity. We have to envision this ideal hometown and kingdom in our minds, establish its righteous laws in our lives, and then live for the sake of that kingdom and its righteousness.

Do you have such a kingdom? If you do not, aren’t you trying to establish it? What did I say this kingdom is? It is an ideal, unified and peaceful nation. It is a nation where all six billion people of the world live as one family. It is the peace kingdom, where eternal peace and prosperity reign in glory. It is there that we attend the Peace King and Queen of Cosmic Unity as our true lords, true teachers and true king and queen.

We know that Satan, not God, came to dominate history after our first ancestors fell. Originally God was to have been the master of the world. The children of God’s direct lineage, having matured through a relationship of love with God, would have formed a true family. If this family had been established, the tribes, nations and world descending from that family would have constituted a world under God’s dominion, a nation under God’s dominion, families under God’s dominion and individuals under God’s dominion.

Nonetheless, you need to understand that because of the Fall, everyone from individuals to families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world, came to oppose God. This is our fallen true love based on the ideal that God originally sought to establish at the time of the Creation. God can only restore his original authority by fulfilling the ideal he intended at that time. Therefore, God set this ideal as the standard by which he would put this evil world into order and lead it to become a true world. This has been God’s providence in dealing with the fallen world.

We must therefore be grateful to God, even if he has to sacrifice each of us, and even if he has to sacrifice our families, tribes, peoples and nations. Only when individuals and nations of righteousness emerge can a new world come into existence. Regardless of how much individuals have sacrificed in the past, until God’s nation is established, sacrifices on the part of individuals and even of families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world will have to continue.


Our mission

Dear members, what is your purpose for being alive on earth today? It is to love your nation and the world. God’s purpose also has been to love the nation and the world. Jesus came to earth in search of God’s nation. He came in search of one nation, yet due to the disbelief of Judaic Israel he could not establish that nation. He came to establish a nation on the physical as well as on the spiritual level, though he was only able to establish a spiritual kingdom. Therefore Christianity today still does not have a substantial, physical nation of its own on earth.

This means that God does not have a nation on earth he can call his beloved homeland. He does not have a citizenry he can call his beloved citizens. The foundation for God’s kingdom has not yet been established on earth.

Christians even now are a people without a nation or sovereignty. As Christians witnessed for their faith, wherever they went they were subject to persecution and martyrdom. Christianity developed through the blood shed by its martyrs. That was how Christianity began and how it grew.

The days of persecution requiring bloodshed may be drawing to a close, however they have not disappeared yet. The Christian belief in Christ’s Second Advent arises from a deep yearning for a true nation. Based on Christianity’s worldwide spiritual foundation, it anticipates that the Lord will restore and establish the substantial nation that was lost.

Dearest blessed families, humanity has entered the era after the coming of heaven, when we are receiving heavenly fortune anew. In front of the new heaven and new earth, the vortex of disbelief and betrayal that has troubled the earth is receding. In the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, spring is coming, and soon it will be in full bloom. The time has come for all blessed families to arise with firm resolution.

Let us fulfill our providential responsibility to unite all six billion people of the world into one family. Through the blessing, we shall bind them together as one clan. This will completely break down the walls between races, the barriers between religions and eliminate conflicts between nations. In this way we will build Cheon Il Guk.

Cross-cultural, blessed international marriages is the only way to bring humankind together as one global family that transcends race, nation and religion. What other way is there to make one’s enemy of yesterday into one’s blood relative today, and to make people of different traditions and cultures into one great family?

Dear members, most importantly I ask you to give the blessing to members of your families and tribes and to establish your tribal hoondok church. The success or failure of the Family Federation, the reunification of Korea, and the creation of one global family depend on this initiative.

We must quickly break free from the customs and mind-set belonging to the era before the coming of heaven. Practice a life as if at high noon, in vertical alignment with God, casting no shadow of sin, and offer yourselves in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God and True Parents. You will then enjoy eternal peace and freedom as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Your descendants will pay tribute to you and take pride in your achievements for eternity.

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