The Foundation Day Blessing Transforms Lives of Ministers and Congregations




FFWPU USA: On March 2nd, 2015, ministers and clergy of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) gathered in Los Angeles, Detroit and New York to participate in the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony officiated by True Parents. Many of the ministers and clergy offered testimonies about their experience at the Marriage Blessing Ceremony.


Los Angeles, CA

Two hundred people gathered in Los Angeles at the New Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church on the evening of March 2nd, 2015. It was a glorious “Halleluiah” experience, where marriages were healed and Blessed, and singles dedicated themselves to their future spouses.

Of the couples that received the Marriage Blessing, Rev. Cassandra Buchanan participated in the Foundation Day Blessing celebration in Los Angeles and testified;

I believe it was divine providence that the most high God established Father Moon and Mother Moon to not only speak about the heart of God, but to make it their lives’ mission to bring to this world exactly what the reflection of the True Family of the Kingdom of Heaven looks like! Last night, we experienced the Shekinah Glory of God because we as a people were in total surrender to His word and His presence!

Bishop J. L. Briggs and his wife were divorced but testified that it was Father Moon’s teaching of the Divine Principle that brought them back together again. They were Blessed in Marriage in the 2014 Foundation Day Blessing and helped organize the 2015 Foundation Day Blessing in Los Angeles.

Among the participants in Los Angeles were Rev. Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray, former pastor of the First A.M.E. Church of Los Angeles and current Chairman of Christian Ethics in the School of Religion at the University of Southern California. He participated with a photograph of his deceased wife, Mrs. Bernardine Murray. When Dr. Murray brought the Holy Wine up to his wife’s picture, there were tears in his eyes. There was an overwhelming sense of True Parents’ presence throughout the program. (Dr. Murray is one of the most prominent ministers in Los Angeles. He was taught the Divine Principle one-on-one by Rev. Tim Henning.)

Also in Los Angeles, Rev. Walter Millsap gave his testimony.

One Sunday morning I started looking for a song that Father Moon had written, which was; ‘Grace of the Holy Garden’. Only a man of God could have written that song. I started singing the song and I felt as though Father Moon was singing it with me. Our two voices became one. It moved me so much that I took it to church that morning and led our congregation in singing with me. Later that day I found out that Father Moon had passed that morning.

Pastor Millsap sang “Grace of the Holy Garden” during the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony, and the presence of True Father flooded the room. Read More

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