The 2nd International Students’ Seminar on Unification Principle

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FFWPU Northeast: On February 1-8, 2015 following direction of True Mother in Turkey, Antalya representatives of 12 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Lithuania, Estonia) – altogether 57 students – successfully finished 7-day seminar.

Among 57 participants of the seminar 34 students never heard 7-day seminar before. Some of them are new members who joined Church less than one year ago but only listened to 3-day seminar. The rest of participants are members who joined the Church more than 1 year ago but they are members who need to refresh their spirit and receive Divine Principle education one more time.

During 7 days the lecturers were Matthew Huish, 2nd generation church leader from England and Oleg Savenkov – national leader of Moldova.

Northeast Regional President Jin Hwa Chung opened the seminar by lecture about joy and happiness. Matthew Huish gave lectures on Divine Principle. Oleg Savenkov gave lectures on leadership, ture patriotism and root of immorality. After each lecture participants had 20-30 minutes to discuss lecture and digest its content.

After the lectures there were different sport events from swimming in the hotel pool, relay games, soccer to mountain hiking. Mountain hiking allowed participants on one hand to experience the heart of Moses during his 40 year way in the wilderness, on the other hand let them experience the beauty of Creation.

On Thursday night participants played traditional Korean game ‘Yut’ that can be called Cheon Il Guk game. Each students’ team demonstrated their passion and vigor while playing this game.

It is important for these 34 new participants after returning back to their countries continue to receive care and Divine Principle education, join the church, receive blessing. We want to express one more time a deep gratitude to True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind for providing such a great opportunity.

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