Starting a New Blessing Providence in Italy

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FFWPU Italy, Padova, Italy, 15. March 2015: On Sunday 15th of March we held in Padova a Blessing ceremony. Inspired by the reports of the many Blessed couples around the world that are renewing the spirit of our movement and giving a clear answer to society about the value of the family, we decided to focus more on seminars and ceremonies centered on the Blessing.

This one was the first and it was organized in a public hall offered by an outside organization. Seen couples attended it, but together with them there were relatives, friends and guests for a total number of almost 200 people. The ceremony was wonderfully organized, starting from the Holy Wine ceremony, going to the Blessing itself, and the final banquet, with the cooperation of several professional staff members and a restaurant. A tenor could perform four songs to create the proper atmosphere. Four religious leaders, including a priest theologian, a Muslim Imam, a Bahai leader and a protestant pastor, offered their blessing prayers to the couples as well.

The outcome was wonderful! The content of the Blessing, the organization, the heartfelt participation, the speeches explaining the meanings of the ceremonies, the music, everything was perfect. We could receive, as the main ceremony in Korea, the Blessing prayer from the voice of True Father and we were all moved to tears. Everyone could feel the Holiness of this ceremony and the sanctity of the Blessed families.

At the end, several couples that were watching asked us to organize again the same ceremony for them. So, in April we will held another one for the four couples that were already prepared but could not attend this time, plus all those who were among the spectators this time and asked to participate in the next one.

One again we realized the power of God’s Blessing and True Parents guidance on the family. Through this ceremony we can witness to many people in a much more effective way than delivering pamphlets around. This is much more substantial and life changing experience. We intend to start a chain in which every time we bless couples, we can find new people to bless the next time. So we will organize and advertise the ceremony, inviting even city mayor and representatives from the institutions and religious leaders.

We are quite confident to be able to develop the Providence in Italy by focusing more on the Blessing, of course while continuing to develop our Tribal messiah witnessing.

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