Renewed Hope at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly



FFWPU USA: In the first week of March 2015, Unificationist leaders from around the world met in Korea for the Cheon Il Guk International Leaders Assembly and Foundation Day Blessing activities. All of the leaders had the opportunity to participate in programs directly with True Parents, including Hoon Dok Hwe, a Celebratory Lunch and Victory Celebration at the Cheon Jeong Gung (Peace Museum), as well as to pray at True Father’s Wonjeon (resting place). Under the banner of “Change and Unity Centered on Synergy,” the assembly’s theme, over 500 participants came from across the globe and from various ministries, organizations, academia, media and business, making this gathering the first of its kind.

Pastor Bayo Adrien from District One (Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia) took the time to write down some of his own inspirations from the event. As a way to share his experiences and to convey the love and guidance of True Mother, here are some of his personal reflections:


True Mother’s Guidance

We were asked to reflect on questions like: What will your report card be like in spirit world? Do you think you can go to spirit world and be with True Father? After 40 years of the providence how deep are our roots?

True Mother noted very emphatically how too much passion leads to personal desire for position. These questions and remarks set the stage for true self-inventory and reflection on our current state of affairs. For once in a long time I felt trueness, a True Mother’s deep love to empower us to succeed, as she embraced us with truth and deep affection in wanting us to succeed in all our various missions centering on tribal messiah activities.


Tribal Messiah Activities

Tribal messiahship was one of the last commissions given by True Father to all Unificationist families. At the Cheon Il Guk International Leaders Assembly every nation was given the chance to present its activities and also reflect on some of its difficulties, in order to brainstorm solutions. It was inspiring to hear about the many successes, including things we can be proud of here in America. The Washington Times has been striving toward financial independence.

Sun Moon University is now a well recognized school with top academic honors and a number 1 soccer team. Pastor Adrien was able to meet with FFWPU leaders from African nations and was inspired to collaborate with them in the future. Still, he said, there is much to be done:

“I personally felt we were approaching this issue very objectively with willingness to admit our shortcomings, as Dr. Michael Balcomb President of FFWPU USA, echoed True Mother’s heart on repentance and how True Father always insisted that we must first learn to conquer ourselves before we can really help the providence more effectively centered on patience with one another.” Read More


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