Polish Magazine Publishes Blessing Story by Unificationist Pastor


FFWPU USA: Rev. David Kasbow, Pastor of the Metro Detroit Family Church, recently had an article published after reaching out to various local media outlets about True Parents and the International Marriage Blessing. The article, titled “World Peace Through Marriage and Family“, was finally featured on the interfaith news page of Polish magazine Tygodnik Polski, where Rev. Kasbow detailed his experience in the Unification Movement and True Father’s vision for world peace through marriage and family.

“I sent it out to all 300 media outlets [in the surrounding area] and 100 clergy,” he said, hoping to spark media interest in the weeks leading up to the Holy Marriage Blessing ceremony held on March 3, 2015 in Korea.

He felt inspired to get the word out and bring informed awareness to the Detroit community about the meaning of the Marriage Blessing. “I wanted to keep generating news on this—it’s a good investment,” he said.

David grew up in Detroit, where he also met and joined the Unification Movement. He is also of Polish ancestry, his last name formerly Kaszubowksi. “It’s really a testimony of what God can do—even beyond what we’re thinking,” he said. “It’s tribal messiahship on an ancestral level.”

David’s attention was brought to the magazine by his friend Father Lawrence Ventline, who arranged the quarterly interfaith page with the publication.

“I was raised Catholic,” David said. “But I always knew there was something more out there.” Like many Unificationists, David met the Unification Movement in college, while attending Wayne State University. “They asked me, ‘What do you think about unity?” he said. Since then, he has been happily blessed in marriage for 26 years with one son.

“I realized over the years what a blessing this is,” he said. In his article, David outlines how good, stable families are the building block of a better society, and how bridging cultural divides through true love and marriage is instrumental in achieving a peaceful world. He first began writing his personal insights and experience as a Unificationist after reading True Father’s autobiography. Read More

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