Poland: Honoring Father Moon 2015


An event of FFWPU/UPF/WFWP

Warsaw, Poland, 21. February 2015


FFWPU Poland, By Beatrice Clyburn: Members of FFWPU, UPF and WFWP came to honor and publicly express their love and gratitude to Father Moon for the love, hope and incredible example he gave them and mankind. Our Peace Embassy was festively decorated with colorful Korean lampions, and we were greeted by two elegant cranes beautifully painted on the wall.

In 2012 some of us had the joy and privilege to participate in the powerful Cheon Bok Festival Parade held in the streets of Seoul, Korea, in honor of our True Parents’ birth. A day of joy having the chance to publicly declare and shout out our love and gratitude for our True Parents! Our yearly event “Honoring Father Moon” was born that day! After the period of three years following Father’s Seunghwa, we will honor True Parents together.

“Chunimi hollo kashim kugil nado tarakao” “The path that we have walked alone I will also follow.” These words of attendance and offering resonated in our heads and hearts each day as we were preparing for our yearly event to honor the one who brought love and hope into our lives. “Love with silence! When people reject you, love with silence; pray for them!” a moving poem of Father arranged with beautiful music and nature photos lifted everyone into his heart and mind. We also watched how throughout his long life he answered God’s call and never gave up.

The general secretary of UPF Poland – through his representative, our national leader- recounted meeting the late President Eduard Shevardnadze in his presidential palace in Tsibilis, Georgia, right after the fall of the USSR, when no foreigner was allowed there; he was ready to meet because he deeply appreciated and respected Father Moon.

The national president of WFWP thanked Father Moon for bringing women to an equal position to men. He has always trusted that through their mother’s hearts women have the chance to create a world of peace; therefore they should be active in public life.

A Muslim Peace Ambassador showed us Father’s astrological chart. “The stars were definitely on his side; but lots of people are born under good stars. What is remarkable about Father Moon is that he fulfilled the destiny he was born with, others do not work hard enough for that.”

Moved by a sincere report to heaven and a gracious MC our Warsaw FFWPU pastor thanked Father directly for the love he brought into our lives; she let us imagine Father visiting hell and giving there the same love that he gave us on earth- challenging us to pass it on.

We were very proud of our young 2nd generation talented artists who graced us with a violin concerto and two Polish songs. Father Moon’s powerful message, “We are one family under God” was expounded through a lovely Polish/Japanese duo. A beautiful rendition of the Korean Christian hymn “SaMyeong- Mission” was offered by an intergenerational choir, “Father, please send me; for You I will offer my live… You loved me and I will love too.”

We enjoyed watching True Parents singing and having fun with their grandson. We could also experience the loving and funny interaction between Father and his American disciples in 1980; all this brought much love and joy to our hearts.

Through three resounding shouts of Mansei all wished our Father 10,000 years of victory. We ended this event by a delicious home lunch and a lot of lively interaction.

It was a beautiful offering of love and gratitude to our Father from young and old, from Unificationists and other faiths traditions! Interfaith activities are meaningful.


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