Peace School in Ukraine

FFWPU Ukraine: On February 2-8, 2015, we held a 7-day Divine Principle workshop in Kyiv. It was attended by 4 new guests. They were very much interested in studying the Divine Principle and asked many questions. They will continue the DP education in our witnessing centers.

There was a detailed report about our activities and after that, members shared their victorious experiences in witnessing, fundraising, pioneering and life of faith. On the second day, we celebrated the Heavenly Parents’ Day. Those members who achieved best results in witnessing and fundraising were awarded with a special gifts. And all other members also received presents at the same time. After that, everyone enjoyed the entertainment program with games, contests and performances

Blessed families’ meeting

On February 8, 2015, we held a meeting for all Ukrainian blessed families in Kyiv. Over 50 people came to the meeting. Some young couples who will start family soon also participated. We discussed practical issues concerning our life as blessed families and education of the second generation.


Heavenly Parents’ Day Celebration

On February 18-19, 2015, we held the all-Ukrainian members’ meeting related to the Heavenly Parents’ Day. There were over 60 members that came to celebrate the Holy Days. On the first day we analyzed the results of the past year. The Ukrainian

Peace School

On February 4, 2015, the UPF of Ukraine held a meeting for Peace School students in Kyiv School # 85. Over 50 people participated. UPF side made presentations of its Activity Program 2015 and the Projects’ Contest 2015, explained the requirements and rules for receiving the title of Young Ambassador for Peace. All participants, mostly high school students, were very active and inspired. They expressed a strong desire to develop a culture of peace in our society.

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