International Day of Woman: Empower Women, Empower Humanity, Picture it!


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FFWPU / WFWP Albania, Tirana, March 7, 2015: On the morning of March 7th, Albanian WFWP held a meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day, with the title “Empower Women. Empower Humanity. Picture it!” in line with the motto chosen for the day by the UN Women. The purpose of the meeting was to highlight the achievements of a few of our friends and members, in order to inspire other women in the audience, and of course to convey the wishes to all the ladies present.

The meeting started in the presence of around 50 participants of various ages, moderated by Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, Tirana FFWPU chairperson and WFWP board member. After greeting all present, guests were invited to watch a short movie of an online interview for the “most difficult job in the world”. The movie is a record of a prank, where a false job advertisement was posted online and an interviewer asked the candidates to work unlimited amount of hours in difficult conditions for no pay, and upon seeing their surprise explain them that this is a job every mother does! This surely made us more grateful towards our mothers and more appreciated for our own work we all do as mothers.

We then had a chance to hear from some women, who not only work as mothers, but make efforts to contribute to others in a meaningful way. Most moving was a testimony by Mrs. Meleqe Renja, first Roma teacher in Albania, who is also chairwoman of a Roma Women Association. Mrs. Renja is a great example of someone who overcame barriers and limitations set by a certain mentality by her strong will, desire to learn and persistence. She recalled for us moments when she made a decision to continue her education, despite her parents’ decision to organize her marriage at the age of 11 and how she eventually got their approval. Her work and achievements were also presented to us through a short movie. Mrs. Renja is now on pension but she invests her time and energy to encourage Roma children to go to school through running a few day care centers for preschool children.

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Following this moving testimony, the audience was treated to some poetry and art, presented again by women in the audience. Mrs. Farida Ramazani, a teacher, and Mrs. Flutura Maci, a painter, read a few of their published poems and had a chance to present their books to the audience. Then Mrs. Majlinda Aliaj, known to a few of us as a local hairdresser, presented us not beauty trends in fashion, but a few of her paintings through a powerpoint show. Mrs. Aliaj in fact treats her beauty shop also as an art studio and a gallery full of her own paintings, through which she expresses her philosophical ideas about the universe and the spiritual. It was surely uplifting to see all this outpouring of talents, which served as an encouragement to believe in ourselves and seek our own way to contribute in the world.

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At this point of the program, Mrs. Katarzyna Minollari, WFWP president, conveyed wishes to all ladies present and elaborated shortly on the five principles of peace, guiding the Ambassadors for Peace network, which was of course a prelude to a few new appointments. Following that, five participants were presented with the Ambassador for Peace certificate: Mrs. Meleqe Renja, Mrs. Farida Ramazani, Mrs. Mina Caushi. Mrs. Luiza Ruci and Mrs. Llambrini Gjinari. Mrs. Caushi is a writer, who had also contributed to Albanian children’s education in Greece, where she lived for many years, while Mrs. Ruci and Mrs. Gjinari are regular WFWP members who contribute towards our activities. All the recipients were moved by the appointment and shared their joy spontaneously with all present, recalling happy or painful moments from their lives and how overcame them.

The official program was then followed by a beautiful refreshments’ buffet table, prepared artistically by our young brothers, and of course by dancing to Albanian music.

On the same day, 12 CARP members of Tirana center prepared 50 bouquets of paper flowers and natural flowers and offered to the women on the main boulevard of Tirana.

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Shkodra, FFWPU and CARP members

About 14 members of Shkodra Center CARP, planned something different this time. They had an idea to serve to women on this day, so they thought to serve to the women in the Elderly House. They prepared food and banners with beautiful expressions for the elder people, such as “Smile always as you smile today”, or “You are our treasure and we are your fruits”. They brought cookies, fruits, juice, and served to about 60-70 elder people, mixes man and women, as they felt not comfortable to divide them. They even served food to some of them who can’t move from bed.

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Kosovo, FFWPU and CARP members

FFWPU in cooperation with CARP members organized a project on 8th of march with title: Happy 8th of March with the purpose to wish women and our mothers on this special occasion. Even though it was something simple, just a postcard, but the content came from the depth of our heart to offer gratitude to our most beloved ones, our mothers. The purpose of activity was to promote the sacrifice, the love and goodness which women share, but also the importance of the family and the education in the family through the mother. We wanted to encourage women that despite their position in society, they are very important. For CARP member it was a very special day, and they could practice the basic principles they learn in CARP meetings

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Durres FFWPU Center

On this special day for women, our FFWPU members wanted to offer special dedication for the mothers. We started to give ideas and finally we prepared special postcards with True Parents quotes, gifts and flowers. There were 46 people who attended, from whom 16 were mothers of our members. Part of the program was a video with Durres center activities in order for mothers to see what their children do when they come to the center. It was the first time to organize such a meeting. Members prepared special entertainment with singing and dancing for mothers and there. There was a presentation about WFWP, vision and activities, given by Mrs. Marjeta Rroshi. Mothers of members shared their appreciations or difficulties about their children coming to the center and spending a lot of time with activities. So it was good moment to encourage them to accept their children for what they do and believe. Report by Arjan Haziraj

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Vlora City, FFWPU Center

On 8th of March, in our center we organized a small activity on the occasion of International Day of Women. There were 5 mothers and 4 girls who gathered together and attended a presentation on the role of woman in the family and society. Each participant determined to contribute more in their families and community. Also, they shared their life stories and enjoyed singing and dancing. Report by: Lubin Argjir

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Fier, WFWP and FFWPU members

About 30 women attended the International Day Activity in our center. Ms. Zsuzsana Sulejmani with Mrs. Ermela Stena guided the meeting in which was presented the topic “Developing our capabilities to make our marriage successful and creating a peaceful environment in our family”. There was a nice atmosphere and interactive discussion. Some of the women were the mothers of our members, so it was a good opportunity to create more close and trustful relationships with them. At the end, our Japanese missionaries prepared a nice cocktail, and also some mothers brought some nice sweets from their homes and all together enjoyed karaoke and dancing.

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Elbasan, FFWPU Center, March 8,  2015

On the occasion of International Day of Women, we thought to organize an open Sunday Service and to invite mothers of our members, to present them FFWPU and our activities. 4 mothers responded to our invitation and we presented to them bouquets of flowers with a deep heart of gratitude. During the meeting, we spoke about the history of women, their efforts, and we talked about the life of True Mother. Also we explained to them about Women Federation for World Peace.

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