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This Article was prepared by Planing Department of FFWPU International, on the occasion of 2015 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly which was held from 1.13~1.15 in the third year of Cheon Il Guk (March 3-5 2015), Cheongshim Youth Center. It was published in March issue of the True Peace magazine.

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True Parents have continuously emphasized the importance of improving our human resources (HR). This is evident through their investment and their interest as manifested in word and deed. In 1969, Father accurately predicted that our movement would see explosive growth and instructed us to execute a system to manage our human resources and assign the right people to the right places from a global perspective.

“In light of the ideals and purpose of our Unification Church, you can see that the world is quickly coming toward us. The important issue that remains is how to deal with all this. We need to have a man or woman deal with these matters. How many true men are there among you here today that can actually deal with global issues? Anybody here who believes he can do that, raise your hand. In light of all this, the most important issue is how to strengthen our human resources based on our mission. “When I go around the world, I assign people at the World Mission Headquarters to each field and give instructions.”True Father, May 18, 1969

True Parents opened Cheon Il Guk on Foundation Day. They personally established the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation and Universal Peace Academy as expressions of their love for humanity and as investments in our movement’s future. Since then, True Mother has frequently emphasized the need to raise the next generation of leaders and has manifested her deep interest in developing our current leaders’ competency.

“We are not a business entity, but we still have to form a structured system of human resources throughout the world. This is part of our endeavor to raise talented people for future generations of our movement and for the purpose of managing and nurturing capable people so that we can have the right person working in the right position.”True Mother, December 5, 2014

As we approach the second anniversary of Foundation Day, let us engrave in our hearts what True Parents have said and put our whole heart and effort into building an HR management system and nurturing the next generation of leaders.


Cheon Il Guk human resources

On December 5, Mother called for an integrated human resource management system and for enhancing our leaders’ competence in the field through leadership education. She underscored the importance of thoroughly preparing so that we manage and nurture the proper people in each field. The next day, Mother called the international headquarters and instructed us to design a workshop on Cheon Il Guk leadership. She indicated that True Parents would oversee it and that we should prepare to hold it sometime in 2015.

We believe that True Parents have given our leaders a chance to align themselves to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents in the New Year and to use the launching of the Cheon Il Guk Human Resource Management Center as an opportunity to reorganize our thoughts and to focus. As a first step, we are preparing to work with the field leaders and various organizations’ staffs to explore ways they can contribute their talents to this initiative, until the operations of the Cheon Il Guk HR Management Center are stabilized within the international headquarters. With four goals in mind, we are preparing to launch the center. First, we seek to provide all leaders and other members in our worldwide movement an opportunity to align with True Parents. Second, we seek to honor our True Parents’ stature and value centered on the Cheon Il Guk Holy Scriptures, through the publication of Cham Bumo Gyeong. Third, we seek to reconfirm the providential significance of creating a substantial environment for Cheon Il Guk through achieving Vision 2020. Fourth, we seek to orient the movement and provide an action plan for the fulfillment of Vision 2020 through heavenly tribal activities, witnessing and other outreach efforts aimed at youth and university students.


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Integrated HR management

On October 20, True Parents instructed the international headquarters to assess the unification movement’s personnel situation accurately and to manage personnel information comprehensively. Hence, we collected and reviewed personnel card templates from each region, designed an integrated form and sent it to each region for the leaders to fill out. Gradually, we will develop an Information Technology (IT) system to manage human resources at the leadership level effectively.

Our movement comprises thirteen regions under FFWPU, many providential organizations (with UPF and the WFWP at the center) and providential companies. Currently, each organization runs its own HR management system, and not much interchange of personnel among the organizations occurs. Other than True Parents’ teachings, our movement has not had a cohesive philosophy or materials when educating new recruits to an organization or when nurturing the next generation of leaders. These circumstances have had an adverse effect on our movement in the course of seeking victory with Vision 2020 and in fulfilling our providential mission.

Leaders and executives of FFWPU, providential organizations and companies are required to fill out the Cheon Il Guk Leader Personnel Card, the information on which the Cheon Il Guk Human Resources Management Center will manage. The center shall oversee our entire movement’s human resource management. It will position itself to identify swiftly the people needed when called for by True Parents. We are seeking the necessary IT systems and latest management tools for this purpose.

The integrated HR management system will cover aspects of organizational management, the processes of selecting and nurturing potential leaders, and managing, evaluating and compensating leaders. Organizational management covers managing each of our movements’ organizations, providing and implementing guidelines for establishing hierarchy between them, and exploring and reviewing ways to create synergy between organizations with similar purposes. The potential-leader selection process includes implementation of guidelines and standards for hiring public officials and staff members and guidelines on the standard on promotion within organizations. The process of nurturing and managing potential leaders involves developing and implementing an integrated structure of positions and responsibilities within our movement, and designating and cultivating essential qualities of character and competencies in our leaders. Evaluation and compensation refers to the process of producing a shared view of what we expect of a leader in our movement through in-depth review and analysis in stages. Based on this, the center will oversee an evaluation processes tied to compensation packages for each level of leadership.


Competency enhancement

Mother has encouraged us to explore and review ways to enhance our leaders’ competency. We are aware that each region has already made an effort to design or commission leadership education for church leaders in their respective fields. However, many leaders have correctly pointed out and made an issue of the lack of a department or organization responsible for establishing the Cheon Il Guk leadership model and for conducting research to develop common values, essential competencies and performance criteria that comport with this leadership model. The Cheon Il Guk Human Resource Management Center is prepared to work with leaders in the field to delineate a leadership model rooted in True Parents’ hearts and based on their teachings and to develop and implement an educational curriculum that supports sustainable means of nurturing leaders and enhancing their capacity.

Mother has already shown us the direction for the Cheon Il Guk leaders’ education, over which she will personally preside. She is providing the opportunity for all our movement’s leaders to become one in heart with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents through this education. Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Education (a “working title”) will be carried out in stages. We will organize sections on essential education, education of the heart, competency, enhancement training, and professional education. In the essential education course, we will present to trainees a clear blueprint of Vision 2020, rooted in True Parents’ hearts and based on their teachings, and material to help build consensus on and understanding of providential history. Based on Cham Bumo Gyeong and their other teachings, we will include an overview of True Parents’ providential initiatives and accomplishments and a session on building consensus on True Parents’ value. In the course covering education of the heart, trainees will have the opportunity to experience True Parents’ hearts through devotions, practicing traditions and engaging in volunteer activities based on True Parents’ dictum that we should be resurrected and reborn through the Holy Spirit and the truth. This course will include practical matters on how to communicate True Parents’ hearts effectively to members and to humankind. Competency enhancement training and professional education are still in the preparatory stages. At this point, we are designing our curriculum so that trainees can learn and acquire the basic competency and professional skills required in each activity and organizational sphere.


Managing potential leaders

True Parents have emphasized the importance of raising potential leaders to become one’s successor. This, of course, is needed in maintaining continuity in the development of an organization and is an important mind-set that we should have in carrying on and building up an important foundation for the development of the providence and for the movement overall. Currently, the average age of church leaders in Korea and Japan is in the fifties, which shows how important identifying and nurturing next-generation leaders is.

An important mind-set that a leader should have when selecting potential leaders involves identifying

  1. candidates that can replace the current leader or executive of an organization in the event of sudden incapacitation,
  2. candidates that can carry on the responsibilities and duties of a vacancy created by a leader promoted to a position at a high-ranking organization,
  3. candidates that are equipped with the character and potential that fits with the current organization, and
  4. candidates with high growth potential that currently serve as head of an organization ranked below the one with a vacancy. True Parents also emphasize the importance of reviving youth and students in our movement and witnessing to young people. Finding young people with the creativity and passion for furthering God’s will through our church, providential organizations and companies is the urgent issue we face.

Here are the guidelines we reported to Mother and that she approved regarding the pool of candidate leaders: First, designate and manage potential leaders that can temporarily fill a vacancy created in the event of a leader’s sudden incapacitation. Second, designate and manage the next-generation of leaders that have the proper character and qualities for a particular position and high growth potential. A leader serving in an important position must always seek two or more candidates as his successor and allot his time to coach these candidates and offer them opportunities to develop their competencies in various fields.

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