CARP Brazil: Reflection on 40-Day Workshop in Cheongpyeong

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FFWPU Brazil: Forty-one Junior CARP students from Brazil came to Korea to attend the Foundation Day anniversary and a 40-Day workshop in Cheongpyeong which began right at the beginning of March. Here we have reflections from three students:


Miss Kelly Mika Matos (20)

I’m truly thankful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind for this amazing opportunity of being here, in this Holy Ground of Cheongpyeong.

We came from a very far away country, Brazil, and God knows that it was not easy to bring 43 young people to participate on this 40-day workshop.

In the beginning of the workshop, I was really wondering if I deserved to be here. But after the first week, I was praying in Jong Shim Won and had this really strong feeling, that I wasn’t here because I “deserved”, but I am here because I needed to be here. Only God knows the difficulties that I passed last year. I’m in CARP for more than 3 years now. For 2 years I was in CARP Junior, as a high school student, and then I entered in college. I thought facing real world is not easy!

Since I’m a CARP member, I’ve been cultivating my will of assuming a public mission, but here I realized how my thought became different last year, during Chanyang I could notice that Satan have been trying to change my mind about it, making me put external things as priority sometimes. So here in Cheongpyeong I could remember that I’m a True Parents’ daughter, and my mind is clear again about the path that I want to follow.

In the first week of workshop I had the opportunity to represent Brazil in Wommo Pyeongae Scholarship Ceremony, and I had the chance to see True Mother in front of me and shake her hand, I cried all night thinking how I’m a little child that Heavenly Parents are taking care with all love.

Many times in my life I felt that God has a big plan for my life, many times I see His expectations for me. So I have to develop all my abilities so I can be ready when He needs me, but I feel that God was disappointed at me last year, He felt that I wasn’t going through the right path, that’s why I said that I needed to be here, in CheonPyeong, so I could find my way again and get the strength so I can fallow it. I’m so grateful that I can feel his love through everything that happens to me here. That’s why I have to make a harder determination not to disappoint God again.

I’m really grateful to be here, in this environment where we can feel Heavenly Parent’s presence. Hope we can come again many times. AJU!

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Mr. Shin Joon Coelho dos Santos (20)

Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this opportunity of being able to do this report and of having the blessing to participate in this 40 workshop in Cheongpyeong.

There really isn’t any other place on earth like this one. Cheongpyeong changed my life; I never felt so pure, clean and connected with heaven. Since I got here I changed my thoughts, my attitudes and my heart.

Doing the workshop with total investment, in a Holy Song Chanyan session I could feel a little of the pain in God’s heart, at that moment I started crying a lot, because I finally felt that I established enough condition for God to show me his heart. I felt a deep pain in my chest, a closed heart full of sorrow and sadness. I got stunned and really serious, because I didn’t that the pain in God’s heart was so huge. With this experience I clearly understood the difference from knowing and feeling, so once I finally felt God’s heart, I got even more determined to follow a correct life of faith, searching to comfort God’s heart.

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Miss Veridiana Un-Kyung Lehr (20)

I’m thankful to Heavenly Parent for this great opportunity of being here in CheongPyeong.

Now that 25 days had passed of our 40-Day workshop. As we are always doing some activity, time passes really fast. Since I left Brazil, I established an internal goal of having an experience with my ancestors, discover God’s will for me and remove fallen nature of insecurity.

Every day I made an effort not to forget these goals, waiting to have an experience that changed me, because one of my goals here in CheongPyeong is to leave here changed. Even though the effort has to be big and sometimes we get tired, I really struggled not to lose this determination.

I had really strong experiences. During a Chanyang session, I was wondering who were the spirits that influenced me to have this kind of character, which many times I felt it wasn’t mine. Suddenly I saw my maternal grandmother’s face, and I felt like she was influencing me to be this way (many times people say that I have the “spirit of an old lady” and I got made without knowing why). Then I had this strong thought “my grandmother is resented with your mother, because a long time ago she abandoned the family to follow True Parents, and today you are here, passing through a similar course. She wants to be here”. After that I really powerful strength appeared inside me, and I started to hit myself really hard, asking her not to try to be me, but to let my real identity be free. I cried a lot during prayer, and when it finished I felt light, really younger. Since then, something changed inside me.

In another Chanyang session, inside me something was saying “zero selfishness”. But I knew that it wasn’t external selfishness, like not wanting to lend something to someone, etc. But we need to be those who have the same zero selfishness as Adam and Eve in the beginning of creation. We have to deny myself, deny our existence, doing like this we are in God’s standard.

I feel like I’m in a baby’s crib, where God is taking care of me. I can’t deny the changes inside me, to be so close to the Heavenly Parent’s Palace.

I could already understand a great part of the path that God took until not. Even being Second Generation, many time I felt that I was in a “half way” to True Parents, and didn’t understand why I have to go through this life full of rules. But when I came to myself, after some years I could understand why I belong to this world. I regret that I was so ungrateful, and I’m doing my best to give steps forward and not commit the same mistakes. CheongPyeong made me open my eyes in a higher level, cleaning my mind from wrong ideas and concepts that I used to carry with me. God’s works are clear when you are here.

I cannot express my grateful words for all the blessings we received so far.AJU!

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