Blessing Ceremony in Spain

FFWPU Spain, Madrid, Spain, 22. March 2015: Sunday 22nd of March was a rainy day in Madrid, but it did not stop the couples who were willing to renew their marriage in our Blessing Ceremony. Little by little our members and guests were coming, and when the time comes to begin the ceremony, the room was full with our guests and members. Three couples participated in the ceremony, and a widow lady.

The room was nicely decorated for this special event by our young sister Beatriz. We could feel this a very special event, and as Enrique said in his introduction it´s a simple, but sacred and holy.

After a brief explanation of the Blessing Ceremony and the Holy Wine ceremony, by Manolo and Mario the couples shared the holy wine. We then saw a short film of the event in Korea this year, and continue with the Holy Water Ceremony, the vow, and the prayer by Miguel and Maryvonne.

Our two young Japanese sisters Yoshiko and Hitomi delighted the audience with their beautiful voice and Japanese song, and then Armando congratulate the couples and invite them to stay eternally young.

We finished the event with the cake cut and three cheers of Ok-Mansei!

This simple ceremony is really uplifting, not only for those who are participating as couples, but also for the guests who came and would like to participate in the future, and also for our own brothers and sisters. We are sorry not to be able to bring more couples to this beautiful event.

We are grateful to our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents to give us this wonderful ceremony, and also grateful for our many brothers and sisters to make this event possible.

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