A Joyous Day for 24,000 Couples Worldwide

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FFWPU USA: 3,800 couples said, “I do” on March 3, 2015 at the CheongShim Peace World Center in Gapyeong, Gyewngii-do, Korea. Eight hundred newly married and 3,000 previously married couples gathered from more than 80 different nations to attend the International Marriage Blessing Ceremony. In addition to the thousands gathered in Korea, over 20,000 couples from 194 countries around the world participated via live internet broadcast.

The occasion came in conjunction with the second anniversary of Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day (January 13th according to the lunar calendar), and was a beautiful celebration for all. In addition to the significance of this day as a holy wedding day, for many couples it was also an opportunity to reunite from long distances as they were about to begin their journeys in marriage.

The event in Korea opened with the Japanese band “Four Arrows,” followed by the Sun-Hak Children’s Choir with a rendition of, “Hallelujah.” A congratulatory performance titled, “New Heaven and New Land” from the Foundation Day Organizing Committee stirred up excitement in the hearts of the participants and guests. The beautiful performances, the breathtaking room and celebrating alongside thousands created an overall experience in Korea which allowed couples to feel the immense love of True Parents and connect with the deep significance of their commitment. Read More

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