Youth Pledge Purity as Parents Reaffirm Their Marriage Vows

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FFWPU/UPF Nepal, Feb. 21, 2015: Nepal, as a nation, took a stand against the tsunami of selfish individualism and sexual immorality sweeping the globe. Drawing unprecedented enthusiasm and record-breaking response, one observer said this was the biggest audience ever at the stadium.

As the National Stadium in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, overflowed one gate was broken as people demanded to be allowed to enter the packed stadium. In all, 70,000 people were personal touched by the event, including as many as 15,000 people who were turned away.

They came to attend the Multicultural Family Education Peace Festival. The event touched a nerve in the hearts of government officials, principals, teachers, parents and children.


The program had two interrelated purposes.

  • First, young people took the “Pure Love Pledge” in front of their peers and parents. They promised to remain pure as the best way to prepare for a loving, lasting marriage.
  • Secondly, parents reaffirmed their marriage vows of love and fidelity in front of their children, friends and neighbors, and the nation. Strong, loving marriages are essential for stable families, prosperous societies and nations, and a world of peace.

Religious leaders from all faiths offered their prayers and blessings. The 2-hour program was broadcast live in Nepal and internationally via satellite on 10 television stations.

The Vice-President of Nepal, H.E. Parmanand Jha, told his countrymen, “Without first creating true love and peace at home, we cannot dream of building a peaceful and loving nation.” He concluded by adding, “This is the way to build a nation of peace.”

The Minister of Education, Hon. Chitralekha Yadav, said, “We need value education in the schools. This means moral education.” The Hon. Minister said she endorsed Father and Mother Moon’s teachings that promote family values and encouraged the schools and colleges throughout Nepal to welcome this peace movement.

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