With True Mother on the First Day of the Third Year of Cheon Il Guk

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Some 300 core leaders and members visited True Mother on the first day of the Third Year of Cheon Il Guk to join her for the New Year celebration as well as the celebration for 48th True Heavenly Parent’s Day, True Parents’ Birthday, the Coronation Ceremony of the Heavenly Parent’s Kingship and the 56th True Parents’ Day.

 While giving her blessing, True Mother gave the following message:


“The “eulmi” year is the year of the blue sheep, isn’t that right? We think of the color blue as clear and pure. Also, we must move a lot during this year of the sheep. It is the year of the blue sheep in which, rather than spending time [just] sitting together or settling down, we must be active in a lively way. Will you not all raise up your power in order to complete the mission? [We will.]And I earnestly pray you will all be blessed families such that the peace of your families and yourselves will be the pure water that will purify your surroundings.”


Rev. Ryu Kyeong seuk, the President of FFWPU Korea was the emcc of the ceremoney. Dr. Hwang Seong jo, the President of the Sun Moon university gave the prayer. Afterwards most of the members join together to sang and spend time in each other’s company, giving joy to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They all determined to go forward to make this year a victorious year toward the vision 2020 in an absolute unity and harmony with True Mother.

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