USA: San Francisco Couples Celebrate Blessing Anniversary

FFWPU USA: Nostalgia abounds as couples around the world celebrated their 40 years of marriage this past weekend. Seven couples in San Francisco gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1800 Couple Holy Marriage Blessing of 1975. On Sunday, February 8, 2015, the Bay Area Family Church hosted an intimate dinner and game night, during which they watched a historical video of the Marriage Blessing.

The event sparked many beautiful memories. Local pastor, Kevin Thompson, shared welcoming words, and then the couples each shared their engagement stories, bringing laughter and tears to everyone. They recalled their young married days and expressed their gratitude to True Parents for their marriage. Most of these couples were foreign missionaries and described the challenges they were able to overcome with the support of our True Parents, Heavenly Parent and each other. They closed the evening with an exciting game of Yute and some singing, and genuinely enjoyed their time together.

Forty years later, the 1800 couples are going strong and looking forward to many more wonderful years to come. Congratulations again on this 40th anniversary!  Read More

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