USA: Outreach in Hawaii Delves Deeper

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FFWPU USA: Momentum has been building in Hawaii, where participants of all ages and from all around the country have gathered to learn more about their faith and to share it with others. Hawaii has been a place that True Parents have invested a great deal in, and the new outreach team seems to be reaping the fruits of this investment. A young team member from New York shared, “For once in my life, I feel inspired to learn about the Divine Principle not as an obligation but voluntarily. I want to be able to set a strong foundation especially through our efforts at the University of Hawaii campus.”

The second week of outreach activities, January 25-30, started off with Sunday Service at the Honolulu Family Church and an inspiring message from Reverend Ernie Ho. After sharing a delicious lunch with the community, the team headed to Waikiki Beach for brief outreach activity. Later that evening, they had the opportunity to snorkel in Hanuma Bay and enjoy a leisurely dinner before gearing up for a day of outreach.

On Monday, they were able to meet half as many people as they had the entire first week. The team gave 11 one-on-one introductory presentations, four overviews of the Principle of Creation, and made 12 appointments for future presentations and discussions.

The team has been truly inspired and dedicated to their task; some have even awakened at 4:30am every day for prayer at Waikiki Beach. “We all need our Heavenly’ Parent’s Word to understand God’s heart in one way or another” said a senior team member from New Jersey.

Through these efforts, outreach on campus continued to grow day by day. Senior members of the team have even begun training three young members to give introductory lectures with PowerPoint in order to help keep up with the demand for presentations. One of the guests who had heard a lecture on the Human Fall remarked, “I always thought that the fruit in the Bible was a literal fruit. I didn’t think about the deeper meaning behind the symbolism.” Read More

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