USA: Hawaii Outreach Team Feels “Refreshed and Revived”

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FFWPU USA: Over 100 people from around the nation gathered in Honolulu, answering True Mother’s invitation and challenge to renew themselves through testifying to God and True Parents and gain momentum for their communities back home. Based on and modeled after the success of the recent Las Vegas outreach, the three-week initiative had its kickoff on Sunday, January 18. What better place to inspire and touch people’s hearts than the beautiful island of Oahu?

True Parents have invested a great deal in Hawaii, and the new outreach team has been reaping the fruits. Much of the investment until now has been in Kona. True Father first began coming to Kona, Hawaii in 1989 to fish for Pacific blue marlin, the prized trophy fish of the Pacific. True Father’s boat, “Kona Concept,” still resides in the city and is used as a charter fishing boat.

In 2001, True Father made Kona a primary spot for outreach, requesting Japanese Unification missionaries to come and support outreach efforts there. Fourteen years later, missionary groups continue to come to Kona for three months at a time.

The Pacific Rim Education Foundation, a non-profit corporation that seeks to promote peace and healing, was formed two years later in 2003, and continues to promote and develop programs in Kona on a monthly basis. Kona is also home to the Hawaiian Queen Coffee Farm that boasts over 150 acres of coffee trees and produces award winning coffee sold mostly in Hawaii and Japan.

In 2007, True Father declared, “God has blessed this land [Hawaii] to be a central point of the Pacific Rim era. This is the center of the ocean culture, which centers on True Mother, the era of women. That’s why love and healing can emanate from this place. Through the ocean culture, all can be healed and cured.”

Now, with True Mother’s leadership, outreach has expanded to Honolulu, the state’s capitol. With the success of the efforts in Kona, Honolulu is an area that holds much promise, as already demonstrated by some of the early results of the three-week outreach initiative that was held there.  A young team member from New York said, “For once in my life, I feel inspired to learn about the Divine Principle, not as an obligation but voluntarily. I want to be able to set a strong foundation, especially through our efforts here.” Read More

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