USA: Divine Principle Workshop Puts a Culture of Heart into Practice

FFWPU USA: On Friday January 30 through Sunday February 1, 2015, the Las Vegas Family Church held a two-day Divine Principle workshop for new guests. Through this workshop, the Las Vegas community strived to share the love and truth of True Parents. The workshop was hosted by the joint efforts of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), missionaries from Japan, the Universal Peace Academy (UPA) and the Las Vegas Family Church. Six guests, all college students, attended.

Professor Gerry Servito from the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU USA) headquarters was invited to teach at the workshop. He presented four lectures, three of which covered the Divine Principle and one incorporating the family ethics and Unification Thought explanation on the Four Great Realms of Heart. Professor Servito’s passionate and well-delivered lectures were greatly appreciated by the participants, and the lecture on Family Ethics and the Human Fall was noted as the most insightful, as it answered many questions the participants had.

Along with the Divine Principle lectures, the workshop also consisted of various activities to help build a culture of heart and practice the value of living for the sake of others as one family. Early morning meditations, a hike in nature, sports, a team skit, a bonfire testimony night with candle light prayer, as well as sharing goals and determinations, all contributed toward building this culture and family atmosphere. A video summarizing True Parents’ various activities around the world and their efforts to build “one family under God” helped paint a picture for the guests of the foundation of this vision. Read More

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