True Parents New: Weekly Update

PeaceTV: Weekly Update (February 14, 2015)

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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. True Mother Returns to Korea / Hawaii Witnessing Activity and Education of Contacts
  2. 1800-Couple Blessing 40th Anniversary Celebration
  3. 2015 General Assembly of Filipino Missionaries in Korea
  4. National Assembly of Sunday School Teachers in Korea


Global News

  1. Completion of the Second Japanese Top Gun Workshop
  2. Brazil Middle/High School Students Divine Principle Workshop / Central America International Seven-Day Workshop / UN Interfaith Harmony Week in Peru
  3. Albania 4-Day Workshop for New Members / Romania CARP Divine Principle Workshop
  4. Mali Women’s Federation Seminars in Schools / Ethiopia Ambassadors for Peace Voluntary Work / Nigeria West African Youth Dialogue for Upcoming Elections / Cameroon WFWP Seminar on the Role of Women
  5. Oceania Leadership Training Graduation

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