True Heavenly Parent’s Day Celebration in Albania

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FFWPU Albania, 1.1 by the third year of Heavenly calendar (February 19, 2015, Tirana – Albania: Dear brothers and sisters, Happy Heavenly Parent’s Day, True Parents’ Day, True Parents’ Birthday Heavenly Parent’s Kingship Coronation Anniversary!

Through this humble report we would like to share with of you the joy and happiness the Albanian brothers and sisters experienced together on the occasion of True Heavenly Parent’s Day – 3rd year of CIG – held on February 19th 2015 at the Training Center of FFWPU in Tirana, Albania.

Even though it was weekday, around 140 brothers and sisters from all Albanian communities and STF members gathered on the evening of February 18th to prepare and welcome Heavenly Parents Day.

The program, moderated by Mrs. Majlinda Matraku – Tirana 2 community leader, started at 21.20 with prayer and a 15 minutes video presentation of all the main national events held during the 2nd year of CIG in Albania and Kosovo.

Each community had prepared something to share with all brothers and sisters. Video messages from blessed families & members, and testimonies shared by few brothers and sisters were very moving. They shared for what they were grateful for, the way Heavenly Parent had made dreams come true during last year and blessings they could see bearing fruits. Through each one of them you could feel the greatness of our True Parents and how Divine Principle could resurrect and give life to Heavenly Parent’s lost children. We have so much to be grateful for!!!

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While preparing for the midnight prayer, a beautiful part of the program was the mini-program prepared by the Albanian Second Generation. They performed so naturally, without having the possibility to prepare a lot and rehearsal. They did enjoy a lot performing for brothers and sisters and all participants truly loved their performances.

Over two and half hour program passed so quickly and everybody enjoyed the performances and testimonies of brothers and sisters. It is so beautiful to see simple things, offered with humble heart, as wonderful gifts given to us by Heavenly Parent through our unique & precious brothers and sisters.

One brother also, Juljan Bradasheshi, had the birthday and everybody wished him great blessings in his life of attendance to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. STF brothers and sisters, who are investing in witnessing in five communities, sang beautifully for all of us the Korean song ‘Saranghe’.

Before the midnight prayer, at 23.30 we connected via Skype with Rev. Shin – the Special Envoy of True Parents to Albania and Kosovo to receive a message from him for the new year of CIG. Rev. Shin expressed that he missed all brothers and sisters and that he wanted to be there with them. He went on saying that his wish and message was very simple for all brothers and sisters. “We know that we are children of God and the only thing that God wants the most is to be able to dwell in our body, mind and spirit. This is very simple, but not easy thing to do. That’s why first of all we should strive to become true human beings and then create true families and then we can move the nation”.

The midnight prayer was offered by Mrs. Katerina Minollari, President of the Albania WFWP. She also shared a deep message with all brothers and sisters after the prayer, asking each brother and sister “…not only to find hope in Heavenly Parent, but become the hope of heavenly Parent & True Parents”.

At 7.00 a’ clock in the morning, everybody gathered at the main hall to celebrate together the 48th Heavenly Parent’s Day, the 56th True Parents’ Day, True Parents’ Birthdays (96 / 73) and the 14th Heavenly Parent’s Kingship Coronation Anniversary. The ceremony was moderated by Manjola and Gabor Vasmatics – Tirana Community leaders. The Holy Days’ message was given by the National Leader Mr. Gani Rroshi whose main content was “…to find and understand the great treasure we have received through meeting True Parents in our lifetime and strive until we go to the spirit world to become the second True Parents. We should understand how rich we are in our hearts and nourish it in ourselves and in others by giving life to Heavenly Parent’s children”. Then he also presented the strategic plans & national goals for the year 2015 so that everybody could feel ownership over them.

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