Touching Hearts, One Person at a Time


FFWPU USA: From New Jersey to Puerto Rico, Unificationists around the world have been focused on connecting with people of all faiths and walks of life to share the heart and teachings of True Parents and the Divine Principle. The following stories from near and far show that even if we have touched the heart of one person, we have planted a seed to spread the Divine Principle around the world.


Pastor Outreach in Kissimmee Florida

Rev. Jeddie and Elma King of Kissimmee, Florida have been working hard to reach out to religious leaders in their community. Every third Saturday, their Home Church Gathering holds a three-hour Divine Principle Workshop. For their most recent workshop, the Kings made a special effort to reach out to pastors. More than a week before the workshop, the Kings hand-delivered 20 letters and sent out many more, inviting and encouraging religious leaders to attend. The letter stated, “Please know that the battle for peace is not fought on the battlefield with weapons, but is fought in every church, every Mass, every synagogue, every Temple and home across America and the world. The weapon of True Love is stronger than any bomb that man can make.” The letter also introduced Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and invited pastors to come to the workshop to learn more about his life and mission.

Pastor Alvin Wolliston attended the workshop and stayed for the three-hour lecture on the Principle of Creation. He took many notes and asked insightful questions. He was excited to bring other pastors to hear the lecture in the future as well. “I feel your heart,” he said. Even though he was the only pastor out of more than 40 invited, the Kings continue to plant seeds and make themselves available to spread the vision of True Parents to whoever will listen. Read More

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