The Kingdom of Heaven is Around Us

FFWPU USA: Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, FFWPU Continental Chair for North America, gave the main Sunday Service address at the Belvedere Training Center on Sunday, February 15, 2015. He spoke to families about True Mother’s latest efforts to spread True Father’s legacy for tribal messiahship around the world.


I was afraid to come to Belvedere today in case anyone blamed me for bringing the severely cold weather here. In fact, I’m not coming from Chicago, I’m coming from Hawaii. So, this weather has now awoken me back to the reality of daily activity. That is why I wrote a long sermon today; however, my sermon title is very simple: “The Kingdom of Heaven is Around Us”.

American Unificationist families should be aware of the weekly activities from around the world and be aware of the wonderful ideas and Marriage Blessing Ceremonies taking place centering on True Mother, be it in the Philippines, Asia or Nepal. We really need to learn from these worldwide activities, how the fundamental foundation of True Parents’ teachings is being laid in each nation. It is a matter of how we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, not just to America. We may think “America is a first class country; we don’t need to hear anything from Africa, Asia or South America. But these are our brothers and sisters, the spirit of True Parents and True Love is with them also.

The Spirit of Our Elders

Think about 1975 and the 1800 Blessed Couples. The majority of these elder brothers and sisters went out to do world mission work. So let’s give them a big round of applause. Without the life of sacrifice of our elder brothers and sisters, would we have been able to work towards God and True Parents’, providence of restoration for the sake of all humanity? No way! It is because of our elder blessed couples’ missionary work and their dedication to living for the sake of True Parents’ will that this was possible, not only in America, but also around the world.

I was very impressed with True Mother’s way of thinking toward our elder brothers and sisters. When True Mother heard about the ascension of Rev. Reiner Vincenz on the way to Hawaii from Las Vegas, I shared with True Mother that it may be good to have a national level Seong Hwa ceremony for the sake of Rev. Vincenz’s family. However, on the way to Kona, True Mother spent a good amount of time thinking of how much the European brothers and sisters have sacrificed living their lives for the sake of the world and especially for the sake of this country, America. True Mother was not thinking of just one man, she was thinking of all the European leaders and their families who have dedicated their lives for the sake of America. These European leaders came when True Father called them to come back to America because he wanted to do something with them for the sake of this country.

True Mother remembered the Butterfly missionary work that took place underground in Communist Bloc countries. We cannot openly share God’s message even underground. True Mother remembered all these stories when she was thinking of Reiner Vincenz. We have to remember our elder brothers and sisters around the world and their dedication for the sake of Cheon Il Guk. So Without their sacrificial life and without their commitment and their foundation how can we build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? She suggested and she gave True Father’s blessing for a worldwide level Seong Hwa ceremony. So it went very beautifully and before I left Hawaii for Rev. Vincenz’s Seong Hwa Ceremony, she took me to a souvenir store. In Hawaii they have souvenir stores for pearls. I watched as True Mother cracked open an oyster shell for pearls, we called “Aloha”, “Aloha” and three pearls came out. Usually I see one or two, but three pearls came out. I didn’t know at this time that these may be for somebody special. True Mother said I prepared this gift for Reverend Vincenz’s daughter. The three pearls that came out symbolized first generation, second generation and third generation. When I presented Leena with True Mother’s special gift, I explained that True Mother’s favorite precious stone is pearl. That is why True Father always gave True Mother pearls, because of their purity, and because they never change. I told Reverend Vincenz’s daughter, “This gift is a symbol of True Parent; whenever you look at these pearls, remember True Parents and carry on your father’s dedicated life for the sake of others, for the sake of the world. This was True Mother’s message to his daughter.

Here is another example of how much True Mother inspired our elder brothers’ and sisters’ dedication. One brother, named Futoshi, and his wife, who is from New Mexico, have dedicated their life over the past 30 years to the Jardim Providence in South America and to caring for the boat and buildings True Parents prepared there. For 30 years this family and American sisters remained dedicated without any complaint. I heard True Mother talk about the Futoshi family over the last two years. They have eight children and last year True Mother requested that their family be brought back to Las Vegas. They have worked so hard and have been through a all kinds of misery in Jardim. Finally, two weeks ago, they arrived back here. This is one of the families True Mother has really blessed by preparing a home and a job for the future. I was very impressed by True Parents’ love and, how much they live their daily life for the sake of others, centered on acts of True Love.

Over the last two months spent with True Mother, I have learned just how much True Mother thinks about our elderly families and couples—those who really dedicated their life for the sake of our community and for the sake of the world. This year, Europe celebrates its 50th anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church. They are inviting True Mother in the spring to celebrate. I am not sure whether True Mother is definitely able to attend but she will certainly send her daughter Sun Jin Moon, Director General of FFWPU International, and her husband as representatives of True Parents and the True Family. Read More

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