Faith and Reality: A Hoon Dok Hae Meeting in Romania

FFWPU Romania, Bucharest, 21. January 2015: We are continuing our JeonDo (Witnessing) activity by meeting new people every day, but at the same time trying to take care of our guests that already know the Principle. We want to study more, but also discuss how to practice in our daily life; for this reason, we met also last Wednesday in our HoonDokHae meeting.

We had chosen to read one passage from the “Twelve Talks of Reverend Moon’, about faith and reality. Here, True Father is putting this question for us: “How can we be happy in our life of faith?”, because many times to practice our faith requires a lot of sacrifice, but also self-denial and seems that is in big contradiction with   the reality of this world. Certainly each one of us was challenged by this kind of situation, so we found it valuable to talk about it.

After we all read the message, we divided in two teams and share about our own experiences and feelings about this topic. We centered our discussions on two questions: How to have an unchanging faith, that doesn’t get influenced by the reality? And How to overcome this kind of struggle between our faith and the reality around us? Was not easy to admit our own struggles and difficulties, but in the end we realized that we all have almost the same problems on how to keep a vertical standard and trust God always in our life. So our conclusion was that we need to have a disciplined life-style, keep the principles and always connect with God, see from His point of view, but also accept to challenge ourselves more, overcome our self-limitations and live by sacrificing for the others joy.

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