Realizing that ‘I’ was saved by True Parents

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Unification Movement-Japan: The motto of this workshop: “Let’s inherit True Parents’ tradition, and become providential leaders who will pioneer a new era.” In the first part of the program, its subject was to ‘inherit True Parents’ tradition’ including Divine Principle, True Parents’ Life Course, Cheon Seong Gyeong Hoondokhae, pilgrimage of Holy Lands as well as the elders’ testimonies. Its underlining theme was ‘True Parents’. The trainees took on the challenge of becoming pioneers of the new era through sessions such as ‘Reviewing the core teachings of the 2-day workshop and the Principle’, ‘Establishing one’s life of faith’ and ‘Setting up a Top Gun Committee’.


1) Divine Principle lectures (49 hours)

By: Souichiro Nakamura (one of the 777 Blessed Families and Director of Chiba Training Center)

The theme of the DP lectures was: True Parents. We affirmed that God’s ideal of creation was to raise True Parents on the earth; mankind was to become one family centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I covered the overall Principles from this perspective, from the Principle of Creation through the Second Coming.

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Hearing the overall Principles, I could further strengthen my conviction that True Parents are the savior and True Parents of all mankind who have brought about complete salvation both spiritually and physically. Throughout their lives, they practiced true love, even sacrificing their lives to open a new era. I owe much to such parents and I felt a strong sense of gratitude and responsibility. (Seonghwa student director, Mr. N.)


2) True Parents’ Life Course (20 hours)

By: Masayuki Kachi (one of the 777 Blessed Families)

I explained that True Parents have lived to liberate Heavenly Parent and save humanity, within the framework of the vertical and horizontal eight stages (a total of 64 stages).Through this, the trainees felt deeply that True Parents’ lives have been the course to give life to me, experiencing unity with True Parents’ love.



I could feel deeply that I was saved by True Parents, who has often times sacrificed their family. In the end Father himself met his seonghwa. I felt strongly that Father is my parent, making this a time to really repent.

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3) Testimonies by elder members and a visit to Holy Grounds

After the lectures on DP and True Parents’ life course, some testimonies were given by elder members: Mrs. Setsuko Sakurai (one of the 43-couple Blessed Families) and Mrs. Katsuko Yokoi (another one of the 43-couple Blessed Families).

During this workshop, we had the 50th anniversary of True Parents’ first official visit to Japan on January 28th 1965. The trainees could hear about those days from the two elder sisters.

On this foundation, the trainees walked the footsteps of True Parents in places where Father had inquired into Principles and practiced a lifestyle of true love during his days at the Waseda University. The tour was guided by Mr. Yasuo Inokuchi, one of the 1,800 Blessed Families.

They also visited Shiroyama and the Suganuma Family (Akiruno City, Tokyo), where True Parents visited together with True Children in the summer of 1967 when a large-scale DP Workshop was held in Japan.This experience provided the trainees with time to inherit the devotions offered by True Parents and their hopes for youth.



In an early morning prayer, I asked God “Why do you love me so much that I almost feel sorry for you?” I received a reply, “I love you, my dear son!” With tears coming out, I thought, as an educator, I would guide brothers and sisters so that they can display their original nature and shine brightly. (Seonghwa student director)

At the Waseda University I felt True Father in his young days. Holding onto a telephone booth, I could not but cry. I felt I was there on the foundation of Father’s love for Japan. (Seonghwa student director, Mr. S.)


4) Cheon Seong Gyeong Hoondok reading and meditation

Following lectures on DP and True Parents’ life course, through hoondok of Cheon Seong Gyeong and the Cheon Il Guk scriptures, I felt that each and every word spoken by True Parents was a step of their lives, and a testimony that they had put the Principles into practice. In the morning Hoondokhae exercises and meditation, I had time to have questions and answers with Heavenly Parent, imagining my true original self that Heavenly Parent had created.

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5) Reviewing the core teachings of the 2-day workshop and Principle

Conducted on merits of the first workshop, this workshop was so improved that, after attending it, trainees could become Top Guns leading providential tasks.

As part of the program, the trainees first heard the entire Divine Principle as organized in a 2-day workshop in order to understand core teachings of DP, and to share them with any guests within any amount of given time.

Then, divided into teams, they worked on summarizing DP into 20-minute lecture plans. Through this process and presenting them, they had a session to confirm and organize the core contents of Principle.

In the closing ceremony, a female participant gave a 15-minute model lecture representing the group, to the praise from Chairman Song and President Tokuno.


6) Establishing a life of faith

The trainees could discuss together how they maintain grace they received in the workshop, and develop it further back in the fields. After morning service, through meditation, physical exercises, hoondokhae and silent prayer, each one contemplated significances and plans for the day, centering upon relationship between Heavenly Parent and oneself. They would share them and encourage each other.

During the discussions or meals, they shared what they felt and heard that day or about their dreams. As if to send power to True Parents and to return hope and joy, they practiced singing and dancing ‘Bounce’ together whenever they could find time. They trained themselves to nurture creativity and return beauty to heaven as children.



Through hoondok meditation and communications with other members, I learnt something very important in life. It had something to do with perceiving things from the viewpoints of God and True Parents. I felt deeply that for parents, all children are truly precious.

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7) Setting up a Top Gun Committee

In response to Chairman Song’s wish that the participants would become ‘Pioneers at the turning point in the providence’, they could develop their awareness as leaders who will fulfill Vision2020, exchanging each other’s merits beyond their organizational positions.

History shows that those who have altered the world often came from outside the established framework. The trainees could reach a common faith: “Perceive all things from the viewpoints of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and a world different from the past will emerge!”

They endeavored to experience a paradigm shift centered on Heaven and on the basis of certain vertical standards. They also tried to inject perceptions of the second generation, youth and students, namely; more fresh, original or novel ideas than the existing world.

As a consequence, the second Top Gun trainees set up the Top Gun Committee, in which each member would pioneer an area of interest or confidence in order to substantiate VISION 2020. It comprises six areas: planning and strategy, creating a unification culture, a new church foundation, youth witnessing, youth education and international network. They made a resolve to pioneer the new era.

Moreover, through this workshop, they could make a determination of communicating beyond their affiliations, bearing responsibilities for the Unification Movement as a whole or as seen from the viewpoints of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They were determined to become leaders in the providence, opening the new era beyond the fulfillment of VISION 2020.



Through this workshop, I wished to broaden my awareness and to advance God’s Will for Japan and the world. To do this, I must bring results in my current mission, while prepare myself to contribute to God’s Will in other areas. (Seonghwa student director, Mr. S.)

Through this workshop, I could make a resolution to be a leader in God’s Will, rather than staying as an observer. I got determined to confront real issues face to face, taking my responsibility to solve problems. (Seonghwa student director, Mr. N.)

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