Peace in heaven and on earth through Blessing

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2015 Cosmic Blessing by True Parents for married couples in Fukuoka


Unification Movement – Japan: 2015 Cosmic Blessing by True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for Married Couples was conducted in Fukuoka on February 7th. It was officiated by Rev. Eiji and Mrs. Hisae Tokuno, President of Unification Church of Japan. Its celebration was held later at a hotel with a total of 230 couples including 19 married and 211 singles attending.

Incidentally, the preceding two days; February 5th and 6th, were special commemorative days for the Fukuoka Parish, namely, the 50th anniversary of True Parents’ first visit to this city.

“We want to offer a major celebration for this 50th anniversary, giving back as much as possible to True Parents for his blessing upon this area. Why don’t we offer a victory with Blessing of 430 couples from this parish?” With such a heart, Rev. Don Joo Jeong, Parish Director, planned this event.

Fukuoka Parish had already blessed 205 couples last year. So the new goal was set for 230 couples, which was reached exactly on February 5th.

The Blessing ceremony started at 10:30 a.m., attended by 350 people including the couples to be blessed. After the opening prayer and film viewing, the officiators, Rev. and Mrs. Tokuno, solemnly entered into the hall to the loud applause.

Rev. Tokuno explained the value of Blessing this way: “There were numerous events in history which appeared incomprehensible from human points of view. It was because sin entered into the root of humanity. Today’s event is akin to a miracle that reverses this state of mankind. You are given ‘Passport to Heaven’ through this Blessing.”

The audience appreciated his short but humorous message, which captured the essence of Father’s Word.

Following the ceremony, a celebration was staged in commemoration of both 50th anniversary of True Parents’ visit to Fukuoka and the victory of the 430 couples’ Blessing in Fukuoka Parish.

Following the opening prayer and greetings from guests, three couples offered their testimonies. Each couple was guided by God in unique and mysterious ways to Blessing. The audience could share their experiences firsthand, shedding tears or exchanging smiles.

After Rev. and Mrs. Tokuno offered warm messages, a representative couple cut the cake, while Mr. and Mrs. Jeong showed up hand-in-hand to propose a toast, introducing themselves as a Korean-Japanese couple. “Our children are not picky about being Korean or Japanese with little sense of national boundaries. We can really build a world of peace and heaven through this Blessing”, he said.

The audience was moved to tears when the Fukuoka Sun-Hak Choir performed with their angelic voices during entertainment. The celebration culminated with a passionate rendering of ‘When violets bloom’ by Sun-Hak Choir in collaboration with a retired singer accompanied by violin and piano, filling the place with excitement and joy.

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