Open Hoon Dok Hae: Why we do not like to change?

CARP Romania, Bucharest February 6, 2015: The Romania CARP was very happy to host another Open HoonDokHae meeting for people just becoming acquainted to our Principles and activities. Last Friday`s topic tried to revive students` courageous spirit by talking about change: changing ourselves, changing perspective, changing the way we build up relationships and so on. Our challenge was gladly accepted and opinions rose with curiosity and deep search.

Changes are of different colors and they require more or less effort, sometimes pushing us beyond our fears and known limitations. Of course we prefer to have the perspective of changing something instead of giving up some part of ourselves and even change is easier to digest and follow when it`s a self-assumed decision and not one imposed by the environment or the people around us. It should be coming as a natural consequence after realizing that I can be a better person, that I can change what I feel is not enough, checking ourselves all the time and being honest about who we are.

True Father`s words were also very much needed since they gave encouragement as well as an ideal that can give direction and substance to our inner-search: ,,Be a man of zeal, a man of good taste, a man who is needed, an exemplary man, a man who sacrifices first and rejoices later, a man who is a good judge of situations and missions. You should always walk having internal dignity, be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.”

So many times we are like children without parents, not having from whom to learn how to discover ourselves, how to discover the world and make the best of it, but we have the confidence that this kind of meeting can really move people`s hearts and give them something of enormous value.

Our participants’ opinions were very enlightening and useful for all the ones attending.

  • Catalin: We are afraid of failure, to be judged by others, we are afraid of coming out of our comfort zone, but with courage you can really do it if you try hard enough, because if we are afraid to lose we can miss great opportunities.
  • Laurentiu: One of our limits is our power to sacrifice. When we don`t want to give up on our old self, we cannot get a new self. We don`t want to sacrifice our comfort, we do not want to be in a vulnerable position, because we are keeping our pride too strongly. Courage is important to make the first step, don`t be afraid to get into trouble.
  • Eugen: We must ask ourselves some questions: what do I have to lose? What do I have to gain? When you decide to make a change and you make a plan to do so: keep it! Because when we follow a program but we skip one day we might lose all our previous investment. Also, it can help you for the future if you can overcome your fears. Be yourself! If you don`t try you will never know, but also always think positive!
  • Gebriela: We fear change because we don`t really know what we have to do, where to begin, what are the steps towards this different me, but we must realize that even we are afraid to change, only this can lead us to a new beginning! We can look at fear from two directions: we can see Forget Everything and Run, or we can recognize Face Everything and Rise. It`s our choice.

We want to give thanks to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this meeting and all the people that did overcome their fear and opened their hearts with sincerity.

See you soon with hope, dignity and joy! Thank you for this great opportunity to be together!


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