One Day Divine Principle Seminar: How to Restore Human Values

FFWPU Romania, Bucharest, February 7, 2015: I would like to start report with offering our gratitude for Heavenly Parents and True Parents. We concluded 4th week of 1st 40days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo(WT with 1 Day Divine Principle Workshop.

Even weather started to be cold again with snowing, all the participants arrive in workshop safely on time. We started our workshop with joyful singing to make high spirit with STF brothers and sisters. And when we introduce our selves, MC ask the question ‘What is the special characteristic for you?’. After answer the questions we all felt we are special and unique existence created by Heavenly Parent. So through this, we were all prepared for first lecture from Divine Principle, ‘Principle of Creation’. Lecture was very clear. Specially lecturer emphasized ‘Purpose of Creation’ where we understood that our responsibility is to fulfil this three great blessings. Afterwards we had lectures about ‘Human Fall’ and ‘Principle of Restoration’. Participants were taking notes and they attended lectures very seriously. Some of participants were asking questions about lecture during the break time and lunch time and they were very happy to find out this Principle. So we invited for Divine Principle study during next week to study more deeply one by one in order to understand better.

After lectures we had one project with the name ‘True Love is Action’ organized by one of Active CARP member and one sister from STF. The purpose of this project was to put into practice what we learned from Divine Principle lectures, especially practice True Love! This day was snowing, so the project was ‘Do you want to build a snow man?’ We made 3 teams and each team needed to find somebody from the street to help them to make snow man! All team had just 20 minutes to do this but all of them put a lot of effort to make beautiful snow man. So all the participants could realize that how important to make harmony and unity when you create something together. Specially to find somebody to help them to make snow man was challenging for them but all team succeeded and they had very beautiful experiences with people.

This Workshop was challenging but very meaningful experience for all the participants. We will continue to support our new brothers and sisters to Divine Principle lectures discover Heavenly Parents heart through Divine Principle study and activities.


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